Limited Time

I asked the same question. I dreamt of being in a store in a mall with a couple other girls, whose dad / uncle owned. We were supposed to be working but were messing around instead. Their dad / uncle showed up in the store. I was sitting / kneeling in front of a fabric chair and put my head down to hide.

One of the girls started coughing a “sickness” cough. We decided that she needed to get checked out. She found out that she was close to dying. I was wondering what that feels like, to know that your time is limited. I then found out that I was in the same situation.

I dreamt that Stacy had married Trisha’s brother, but Trisha’s last name was Jones. 

I dreamt that I was at a church thing, and after it had ended, I went to the back of the cultural hall. Trisha and Stacy were there and were both pregnant. Trisha was still pretty, but looked a bit beat up. Her belly was lower than Stacy’s, as she was closer to delivering / giving birth. 

I wanted to say something to her about this, having fun with it, but decided not to because I wanted to tell them the dream I had.

I dreamt of watching a movie. A man had his legs lifted and they were being scorched by another man with a flame thrower / torch. He didn’t seem / wasn’t showing any pain. This other guy was using something sharp to cut / slice through the skin, which easily fell off. The man being tortured was talking to the other with concern / worry.

I dreamt of being in front of a wealthy hotel with a tv news cameraman. A man had been murdered in one of the rooms. I saw a Bentley drive past from left to right, and made note of it in my mind.

As I walked inside, there was one girl who had some snobbery to her who was also walking in. She went her way. 

As the cameraman and I were getting on the elevator, another short girl with dark hair, was coming up to me as if she knew me, starting to say hello. She didn’t continue talking (realized that she doesn’t know me?) but she continued to be friendly.

To the left of the door was a small couch with a small office behind it to the left of it. In front of the couch was an oval table, coming out almost to the middle of the space. 

I saw copies of People magazine, and other, more “intelligent” ones. I think there were some newspapers there also. There was also a guy for when someone wanted to talk about their financial investments.

When I was outside, I envisioned a couple female reporters, not physically being there. They were sitting (at the news station?). The one on the left had her hair darkened in an oval on the top of her head. I was wondering how they felt having to report false news. These women had been reporters for several decades and were well known.

Your Thoughts

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