One Way 

(From June 3, 2018)

I asked why I met Ali. I dreamt something about coming out of a parking lot about to go on the street. There was a median in the middle so you could only go one way. There may have been an opening to go the other way. I contemplated using it, but decided against it.

(From June 2, 2018 I Nudged It)

I asked the same question. I dreamt something about I was in a room and the right front tooth being loose and I think I nudged it (?) but it came out. 

When I looked at it, it looked like one of my back teeth. I started to sob / cry / ball about it coming out. I was thinking that one of my back teeth on my bottom left had recently (?) come out. I don’t know if had been replaced or not. There was family in another room waiting for me. They started to hear me crying.

I dreamt that the gardener (older Mexican man) was at the house in regular clothes wearing shorts. I don’t remember why he was there. Ali was telling him to leave (?). The gardener wouldn’t budge, so Ali was getting ready to fight him. I went over to Ali and told him not to do it. 

(From June 1, 2018 Wasn’t Good)

I asked why Ali met the Utah girl. I saw a man from above his knees to about his belly button, maybe a little below. He was wearing sky blue (?) / turquoise Speedos. His skin was tanned to the point of if he had been in the sun a couple more weeks, it would’ve looked gross. 

I dreamt of seeing a cracker box laying flat on the ground so that the top was facing / towards me. On the right laying next to it were three dark brown / black oval mound type things. They weren’t food, they weren’t poop, but they weren’t good.

(From May 31, 2018 Quick)

I dreamt Travis had white blonde hair and wearing a wedding ring. He was in a different room (?) than me but the door was open so that he was looking / watching me.

I dreamt that I was walking between parked cars where they would be left while the owners went and did whatever they came for. Some cars were in covered parking spaces with other cars behind them.

I was rolling a dolly toward the cars with covering. There was a part where the ground was slippery but I was quick to get where there was traction and get stable. 

The car I was going to was mine / my family’s / Ali’s. There was a grey haired man inside. I didn’t know why. He then came out. I don’t remember my initial reaction. Curiosity? 

I then thought that maybe I could have sex with him since I wasn’t getting it elsewhere (with Ali?). I asked him where Ray was. I then figured, and said out loud, that he must be at the other house fixing it up.

I then was lying down on a bed and this man said to me something about the pain I’ve been through. I started to get emotional and wanted to cry. At one point, I don’t remember when, I noticed that when I was standing, my stature was a lot bigger than this guy. 

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