I asked the same question. I dreamt of taking a picture of my right breast, for a specific reason, not just for the sake of it.

I dreamt of seeing the tail of a scorpion, being hidden behind some small bushes, coming toward me, from the left, in front of me, and another female who was in front of me. It was on a trail / path that slightly curved like a snake. 

I may have warned the other female about its presence / being there. After I saw the whole scorpion, I don’t remember if it stung the female in front of me, or if it was me. It may have been in the chest area. I was only mildly scared.

(From Dec 23, 2017 Not Clear)

I dreamt that I was looking over a conversation, with a guy from online, early in the morning, when he wrote saying that he was visiting home to Christmas home, and that’s why he didn’t communicate the night before.

I dreamt that I was picked up, by a car driving a station wagon, to go to the Waterman chapel in San Bernardino. A bunch of people were gathering to carpool to an event (soccer game?). I was wearing a skirt that I love. I don’t know why.

There was a grassy field to the left (when looking at front) of the chapel. The other people showed up, not quite knowing where the station wagon was, so I pointed them in the direction, since I wasn’t standing by it.

Some of the people started playing with a soccer ball while I was sitting in a beach chair. The ball ended up over by the church and a couple people walked by me to get it, one of them being the guy from online.

On his way back, he stopped behind me, and suggested that he take me back to base, and then he kissed me. When I first saw him, I was thinking that he might kiss me.

There was a tattooed lesbian in the group. When the group all came over to the station wagon, they were saying that the directions they were given on where to meet up at the parking lot, wasn’t clear.

I dreamt that I was topless with a couple other people. I don’t know why. I then became conscious of my chest hair.

(From Dec 22, 2017 Guide Me)

I dreamt that there was a man letting people go / loose near the Wasatch mountains in Utah. I was scared, not knowing where to go, so as I was walking toward the mountains, I was crying out to God to guide me. No guidance came.

I saw a dirt path that went up, and to the right. I took it. There was also a black bird. I went a short distance to the right before the dream ended.

I dreamt that I’m deep under the mountains and see a ton of gold bricks and such. These had been here since Book of Mormon times. I felt a sacredness when looking at it all. There was something else down there, but don’t remember what.

I dreamt that I’m in a cave with a flashlight. There are white glowing (?) things on the walls and roof. In another cave, there were what seemed to be clams / oysters on the ground that were tough / strong enough to be stepped on. I told them that I was sorry.

I dreamt that I was telling mom, dad, and Amy, about these dreams. Dad and Amy weren’t listening, and mom was halfway listening. 

I dreamt that Barbie passed away.

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