Put My Attention On It

I asked, “What is the meaning of ‘Film the Crew'”? I dreamt that I was levitating in the air. There were people around me. I saw a young boy 10?) and grabbed his left hand, and brought him up, a couple feet, with me. It was only for a couple minutes. He may not have had a shirt on.

I think I may have jogged / walked fast to get up off the ground. I then went up to the sky. My hair was at least to my shoulders, as I was putting my attention on it. There were rain clouds, but it wasn’t raining. I knew that there was a possibility of rain above the clouds. The dream ended when I reached them.

I dreamt that I was telling someone about this, and another dream, and how they felt so real.

(I had read about sex trafficking earlier)

I dreamt that I was walking and a guy came up to me on my left. I don’t remember what he said, but he grabbed me / my hand hard, and I knew that he was no good.

I started shouting for help. I could’ve taken him, and don’t know why I didn’t. There were a couple people, one of them a woman who was walking in front of me on the left, who came to help. 

I held his legs when he was down, and noticed that they were small like a young boys.

I dreamt that I was somewhere with Briana, and other people. There were sound systems on poles / stands. A guy was asking me about a song to play because of what happened to me. He was singing the words, “I want you to want me.” I told him to play the song.

I went to Briana and excitedly told her that he was going to play “Superposition” by Young the Giant. When the song came on, it was a different song. I don’t know if this one had those words in the song because the dream ended. I felt as if it was Stevie Wonder singing.

I dreamt (same dream?) that there was a crowd of guys sitting, stadium style. They all had professional cameras still in their open cases. I was standing to the right of them, looking at them. 

They all did the same movements, putting something on top of the cameras. The men were dressed in black. 

I dreamt of a girl walking toward me. She had a tattoo on the front middle of her neck of a circle with a line coming out on both sides. Her nose, in the middle, was pierced, and had two white curled tusk looking things. 

The ends looked like it was cut open in the middle, with the sides bent over / down / back, as a way to keep it in place. I thought that the piercings reminded me of boars.

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