(From Dec 6, 2017)

I dreamt about Christopher, a guy online, wearing a black cape. 

I dreamt that I had red spots all over my face from using the epilator, and suddenly becoming conscious of them, which also still had a little bit of hair, after being fine about them during the morning, and Christopher being fine with them.

(From Dec 5, 2017 Circus)

I dreamt something about Hugh Jackman and his movie, “Greatest Show on Earth” about the circus. 

(From Dec 4, 2017 Knew It)

I dreamt that Christopher’s middle name is Matthew. I either saw it printed, or he said it. I told him that I knew it, as I had been thinking about it the day before.

I dreamt that I was in a restroom, and had to pee. I was noticing that at the bottom right of the stall door, underneath, that there was a lock down there also. I was fascinated by it for some reason.

(From Dec 3, 2017 Waited)

I dreamt that Christopher told me that he was surprised that I hung on (waited). 

(From Dec 2, 2017 Dreams Into Reality)

I dreamt that I was talking to someone / thing in the woods. I couldn’t see them. There was a small pond. Everything looked green. 

I was asking this person, who I supposed it to be, to show me a glimpse of what life is like with Christopher, or if there is one, or something like that. He was saying that he was busy and didn’t have time.

I kept after him, and he kept telling me the same. Another voice then came in, urging him to do so, telling him that I was someone wanting to turn my dreams into reality.

The next dreams were something about me and Christopher spiritually connecting / bonding, as if we are going to be together. They weren’t scenes though. It was more of watching the process happen.

I dreamt about there being a line, and those with futuristic products went to the left, and those with regular products, went to the right. I was in the line with the futuristic products.

I was visiting a school for girls (only?). They had uniforms, which were a dark green. The skirts went down to the ankles. I only saw several pairs of girls, in two’s. 

The first couple had their hands at their hips where they had small angular pockets. I mentioned to the person / people I was with how they all had their hands at their hips. The last two I saw had their hands free. 

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