I asked, “Who kissed me?” I saw a dark demon face with a bunch of shark like teeth.

I dreamt that I gave one of my mom’s water bottles, to drink from, to a dirty (homeless?) guy because I knew that she had another bottle and wouldn’t want to drink from the same bottle as the homeless guy.

I dreamt that I was up in the mountains, with other people, for a car race / event. I was driving a new red corvette, trying to get the hang of it without speeding too much.

A lot of the roads were flooded / flooding. At first, I was driving while in the passenger seat. I told a lady, who was in the driver seat, that it was hard to see in my position / where I was.

The thought came to me about “Switching (?) computers because (of) blog”.

As I was waking, the word “Ahoka” came to mind.

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