I asked, “What is the meaning of the nose ring?” I dreamt that I walked out of Ali’s bedroom naked. To my right was Micalanne and my mom lying on a couch and both reading. I was worried that they would see me. I then had on a red shirt with a towel wrapped around me.

I then was in my bedroom with rust colored shorts that were made from pants that I used to have. I was lying on the floor looking at some guys in front of me, who were members of the church, on a stage who were singing. Two of them had earrings. One had small cubes and the other had big cubes.

One of the guys had brown hair and was facing away from me. He started to lean back so I touched his hair to let him know I was there.

(From yesterday) Truth

I asked the same question. I woke from thinking I heard a group of people who chant as a group and jog in the morning. I heard them say, “Truth about us is not being told.”

(From April 2, 2020) Flying

I asked the same question. I dreamt of cars flying from left to right.

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