I asked, “The truth about who?” I dreamt that I was walking on a dirt area that flowed up and down. There were some people to my right. As I walked, I made some noise/there was noise being made. The people were looking at me and wondering.

I dreamt that I was with Kyle. We were outside in a makeshift sectioned off area with a curtain divider on our right. He was lying in a hospital (?) bed.

There were a couple guys putting up other curtains on our left with space between them. The curtain on the left had two panels sewed onto the middle section so that they could be made into bedrooms. (From looking above it would look like an H with an extra line in the middle.) The curtains had flowers on them with a uniform light colored background.

It was late at night/early morning. They left when they were finished. There was something about an architect comparing his structure with someone else’s.

I dreamt (same?) that I was standing in a hospital room with a guy who had mental problems. The lady who takes care of him was also there. He was sitting in a wheelchair.

He spit on my right hand by my thumb. I wasn’t going to tell anyone because I didn’t want to be quarantined. I left to rinse it off.

I dreamt (same?) that I was in a building that looked like a small hospital but had to do with school/education. I was on one of the upper floors. There were ladies at their desks, with aisles between, talking with each other.

There was an older (than me) lady, or two, who I knew from Starcrest (may have been different job). She didn’t have any makeup on. I asked her if she knew who I was. I think she did. I mentioned to her how this virus is stupid/b.s.

I was searching for a restroom, making sure I went into the women’s and not the men’s. I found several restrooms that I could choose from. The doors were silver and had a futuristic look to them. Most of them had parts of them not being used, dirty toilets, or someone in the stall. Eventually I did find one. I went pee.

I looked at the inside of my thighs and saw several clumps of hair and thinking that I needed to get rid of/take care of them.

Later, I then had to do the other. I wondered why I didn’t stay at the one I was at. I knew that I would be relieved after I took care of it.

As I was searching, there was a lady who asked me if I could read some tiny print on a pill. I told her I wasn’t sure but could try. We stood at a desk/table while she was talking to someone, never showing/giving me the pill to read.

Another older lady I saw was hidden in a cubicle on the phone with authorities. She was saying that her husband had gone crazy was somewhere along Sunset Boulevard. She didn’t know where because it was such a long stretch of road, going through different cities.

She then had some papers on the desk that she started shredding. I had the impression that they had something to do with her husband. I felt like she was getting rid of evidence.

There were some stairs that I wanted to use that went up a bit, had a landing to the right, and then went up and crossed back over to the left. I wasn’t able to use them because there wasn’t any head room to go up up the first section of stairs. I don’t remember what color they were but were not the usual.

I dreamt that the family was gathering for a party/festivity. I was getting ready to take my shower when they started arriving, where the shower was. I got frustrated and shoved/pushed some towels (?) off of a table that they were on. There was someone outside barbecuing, or getting it ready to do so.

I asked my mom where I was supposed to take my shower now. She may have suggested hers. She suggested that I have (young) Zac set a timer for me. I don’t know what for. There was a man doing stuff with him.

I then was wearing a dress with the family circled around me on my left. My knees were bent, as if I was getting up from kneeling. I was struggling to straighten out my legs to stand up, scared that I might end up this way. I was wondering what the family was thinking as they were looking at me. I’m not sure if I was thinking that I might need help, or not.

(From yesterday) Visiting / Pretending

I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was visiting Briana for a couple days. When she and her mom (who was tall and overweight, but not irl, reminding me of Sue) were at work, I decided to help clean.

I sprayed/squirted dish soap on the walls and curtains. When they got home, there was still soap on them. I wasn’t sure how to get it off so I sprayed water from a hose. The floor was tile and nothing in the way that would get damaged.

I decided to visit them again, and again, help clean. I didn’t squirt soap, I think. I started in the kitchen, taking out some of the clean dishes from the drying rack.

As I was doing so, I saw a spoon and some of the other dishes had potato salad on them. I put them in the sink, noticing the sink filled also with the salad. I put it down the disposal.

Briana’s mom was showing me how she could scrape plush fuzz off of the inner curtains. She was puzzled why it was there saying she didn’t know who did it. I didn’t say anything.

While Briana was gone I saw her (somewhat) fancy tablet in a dark cover on the counter to the right of the dishes. I opened it and went to her tumblr.

In the beginning she had some religious/spiritual posts. One had a young Donny Osmond with another guy who was supposed to be famous who I didn’t recognize/didn’t know who he was. I didn’t see or hear his name. There was a girl between them.

It was a music video with them talking at the beginning. They were outside. Donny was sitting on a short wall on the right with the guy on the left and the girl between them. Donny was facing left (his right) and then turned front. I heard some chuckling because he had some sideburns. The guy and girl were standing.

There was another post with Zac Efron sitting on the floor with some papers scattered in front of him. He had his left leg bent in front of him and his right leg bent beside and behind him. He was “filling in” for a disc jockey. He had on a headphone/microphone pretending to be his brother.

I saw that there weren’t any tags on the posts so I wanted to help and added some. They were from March of 2014 (?).

After I woke I had the thought that I was telling Ali, “I thought I was sterile but I’m not.” He said,”What?”

I dreamt that there were some people sitting at cafe tables in two rows with an aisle between. Michael Jackson was at the beginning of the back row. He wanted to go (inside?) somewhere so was asking someone to ask another person if he could go.

I was walking with someone next to me on my left. They were amazed that he was there. I mentioned that I had seen him a couple times before.

(From April 11, 2020) Family

I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was in a department store (not clothes). It was white like Bed Bath and Beyond. A man came out from the back on the right. He stood by a small table display that was in front of the doorway. He was wearing what looked like diapers with the legs showing/exposed on the sides. He was going to/coming from somewhere where this was the attire.

He was facing front/to the left, saying something, waiting for one of the employees to take home. He was doing something as he was standing there. Someone mentioned that he was Greg’s (another person) boss. I knew I remembered who Greg was but couldn’t recall his face.

I dreamt that there was a huge family on a game show. They were lined up in rows as if about to have a picture taken. They were wearing dark blue. There was a skinny, small, short girl on the right (their left) who had just come back from successfully finishing a task she had been given.

The people on the end were congratulating her. She was semi turned to face them so I couldn’t tell if she had a hunchback, was wearing a backpack, or if it was just the view I saw her.

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