I asked, “Why is there a storm?” I dreamt that a Mexican guy was driving me home in his small car. He had the music blaring. I was wondering why when there could be no conversation with it being so high.

I dreamt that I was at someone’s house and someone had brought the cats there. When I got back home, the cats were back home also.

I dreamt that I went to the church several times and each time I would walk past the kitchen on my left. There were several types of desserts out as if in preparation for an event. In front was one that had chocolate on top and could’ve been white/vanilla on bottom that I wanted to try.

I then was there for an event with other women. I had one of the desserts then the women went to a different part of the church where those first desserts were. I got the one I had wanted. I was either thinking, or said out loud, to one of the ladies there that I didn’t care I had already eaten the other dessert.

There were some people rehearsing on the stage. The ceiling near the stage starting raining. The people were confused at this. I mentioned something about that it goes along with the play since it was Phantom of the Opera. The rest of the ceiling then started raining.

I dreamt that I was walking outside with Ali. We were walking on a grassy area. The (Utah) girl had come to him earlier (don’t remember why) and he was telling me what she said. He said that she was pissed.

I asked him if he had asked her/the question (what she would do if we got married). He wouldn’t answer, only smiled. I assumed it meant that she would leave us alone. She told him that we’re using/utilizing the numbers 0, 1, and 2.

As we were walking, there was a berm in front of us. A girl was on the left. I was thinking that the berm hadn’t been there before, that it had been flat, and that we were able to smoothly continue walking. I was looking for a way to get over this, knowing that we would. The side in front of us may have been indented a bit more so on the left (?).

I dreamt that a long delivery big rig truck accidentally dropped off someone else’s packages. I saw the name and address but don’t remember them. I opened at least one to see what was inside, knowing I was going to reseal and send it back when the truck came back around.

There were several things. One of them was a hand size oldish book with the covers and a page that had come off.

Mom saw the packages and started opening them. I asked her if she was going to pay for them and she said yes.

We were on a cul de sac so the truck had to criss cross the street, like a ribbon, to get out.

(From May 8, 2020) Healing

I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was outside with some cats, asking them about two other cats, who were leaving. Frustrated, I said, “No one” as if one of them had said something to me.

I went inside, hugging Ali. To my right, in front of me, I saw the mother cat sitting next to the outside boy (?) through see through curtains (?). Ali tells me, “Yesterday I was hoping you were going to help heal me. “

(From May 7, 2020) Vibrations

I asked the same question. I dreamt that someone was carrying around a reproduction of Micalanne’s head, holding it by the hair. I only saw the back of the head. I couldn’t look too much because it was creepy.

I dreamt that I saw one of Orange’s (cat) legs under the left side of a table.

I dreamt of being in space. A motivational speaker (don’t remember who) threw a man’s head down a neverending hole. The guy then climbed down the ladder that was there. When he got a ways down the head disappeared.

There was a huge flying creature that was roundish in shape, like how an oyster or clam is in front, but puffier on top and bottom. I wanted it to take me to a particular person who had done something wrong. I was outside of it, on the right, when it went a different direction.

I thought, “Oh, maybe that person didn’t do it” and was wondering how this creature knew where to go. Was it because of vibrations?

(From May 6, 2020) Sex

I asked the same question. I dreamt of a cat (female siamese cat?) on my left and rushing to the right side of my head as I’m lying down, entering my head and messing with my nervous system.

I dreamt of someone walking past me a short distance behind me. Their right toes had been cut off and now there was what looked like meat that had come through a grinder. There was blood. I couldn’t look directly at it because of the gore.

I dreamt that I picked up a green (?) fallen drone before the owner came looking for it and hurriedly took it with me. I may have been walking a path that was in the process of being cleared of reeds/wheat/dry grass with it still on my sides. The path curved to the right.

After I went around the curve I saw the machine that was doing the clearing carrying a bundle.

I dreamt that there was a black man with a white girlfriend. She wasn’t totally ugly, but she wasn’t pretty either. She was directing some people as he was telling someone something about he knows what to do with his fingers, implying sexually.

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