Lips Open

I asked, “How do I heal Ali?” I dreamt that I had my lips barely open so, on the inside, so that I kept making a sound and I couldn’t stop.

I dreamt that I was with women at a gathering. I can’t remember which event came first. I finished a dessert that someone else wrapped in a napkin to be thrown away.

I mentioned to someone that I better take a shower before all the women come back to take one. Before doing so, I was looking around/doing something. I saw a section of showers that weren’t being used.

I dreamt that I was in line for something fun which was around the corner to the right. There was a wall on my right.

There was a tall young guy with dark hair who was 7 ft, or close to it. I was wearing 2 in (?) soles and he still felt tall. When we looked at each other I felt a connection between us, that we were going to be together. I don’t know if he felt it. I assumed he did. He was a member of the church.

Ali was on my right, before the wall was there. I was thinking how he had his chance.

This guy was in front of me a bit with a friend of his who was short. The friend was saying that he wasn’t allowed in because a woman/female had reported him/ told him that she knew what he was doing (lying/cheating?).

(From yesterday) Leading Him

I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was helping a guy wet and comb the top back of his blonde hair, while looking in a mirror. I then saw Mark’s hands appear and help out. (Mark had previously died in the dream.)

Mark then showed himself and I asked him why he left. He said that there were too many consumers (?). Greg was there also behind me on my left looking to the right.

I dreamt that I was in a big room like a conference room at a hotel/production room. Some drag queens were showing up. I asked one of them if they were here for RuPaul’s Drag Race. I think he answered yes. No one from the show was there yet.

One of them was sitting by the wall on my left. His hair was black on his left and white on his right. I didn’t have my glasses (on). I told him that without them on he looked like Cruella DeVille. I don’t remember if he answered.

I dreamt that I was with some people. One of them was David (? from Team Black on Relative Race?). There was a storm brewing. The clouds had the colors of sunset as they were moving. They were down low. I had the feeling that this was the/a storm before Christ’s coming.

We were outside on a cul de sac (?). It was dark. No lights were on. There was a huge puddle of water in the middle of the street. I was telling the people not to go in the water because Satan had dominion over water. Some still went in but were able to come back out on the right. I was holding David’s hand, leading him around it.

I dreamt (same?) that there was a girl with red square tattoos with a design in them by her collarbone, going across. They were all the same. I didn’t want to look closer at them because of the reactions of the other people were having.

I dreamt that Stephanie bought a home that had bookshelves of old, well cared for, books with dark blue covers. I was thinking, “Of course someone else gets the house with the treasures. If mom had the house she would only have a couple of them, if any.” Or something like that. I knew that Stephanie didn’t care for the books. She was going to let me have a couple.

There was something about her anxiously making sure that she gave me a business card.

There was something about a piece of paper was showing through the ceiling. I asked for a ladder to get it but they didn’t have one. They only had short stacks of books to stand on. I wasn’t going to take the chance.

Stephanie and I were in her garage about to go inside her house. A hawk flew passed me on my right, barely touching my shoulder. A pigeon followed. I wanted to say that hawks are a sign of luck in Ali’s culture but didn’t. I was thinking that it was a sign I had been looking for.

(From May 12, 2020) Clearing

I asked the same question. I dreamt that two women were watching a man who was on fire, for clearing/cleaning. One of the women said that he was probably backed up.

I dreamt that there were children playing. Some of them were in line to see a doctor, who was downhill. I was on the right of the line. A girl said something. I, and another women, made a sound as if in agreement. I looked back to see who she was. She was playing with another child. I was thinking she made the noise as if to support this girl.

I asked the girl if she was able to see letters if they were big. There were some children’s books so I grabbed on with letters and drawings. When I was about to show her the book, the letters disappeared so I turned it over, going back and forth. I asked, “Where’d they go?’

(From May 10, 2020) Eyes Open

I asked the same question. I dreamt that I wasn’t wearing any pants.

I dreamt that a lady, who already had a lot of children, gave up her newborn for adoption because of not being able to take care of her. She was black with fluffy hair. Her eyes were still closed, like how animal babies are.

She chose me. I don’t remember how. I was holding her when her eyes opened and she turned white. I was thinking that this was why I held other women’s babies in my dreams. I told someone to tell the baby’s mother that I would keep in touch with her as the baby grew.

After I had brought her home, I had come home and the baby was gone. Mom had taken her back/somewhere. I don’t remember why.

I dreamt that I was mom and dad’s bathroom. The door was in front of me. Dad came in without pants on. I was thinking how I had forgotten not to use their bathroom anymore. I got up to leave.

Dad was standing on my left with his lingham out and he was slowly caressing my shoulder. I felt like he was doing this so that I wouldn’t come back.

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