In A Row

I asked, “Will having children heal Ali?” I dreamt that I was fighting off a spirit from my body in a kitchen (?).

I dreamt that there were cars lined in a vertical row, facing each other, inside a parking area. Cars were coming and going.

(From yesterday) Dripped On

I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was by a pool that had people in it. I was looking at another pool that was on the other side in a mean lady’s yard. I was wishing I could swim in that one because it was more decorative.

There was a lady in the pool where I was who was calling out one of the girl’s name. The girl was underwater so was unable to hear her name being called.

I was being dripped on, along with the people I was standing with. They assumed it was rain. I looked up. My first impression of what I saw was termite hills/mounds under the covering we were under. I may have mentioned what I saw.

(From May 16, 2020) Where We Are

I asked the same question. I dreamt that there was a gorilla named Rose. She was in a white bathroom. She liked to knit. I was in an open area and telepathically asking her if she wanted to. She said yes. I got a black afghan that was folded in a clear bag. I was going to undo the end of it for her to work on.

I asked a man (dad?) if she likes to knit in the bathroom or out in the open. He said, “Where we are”.

I dreamt about driving around Native American land, filming as I went. It was a holiday season. The homes were spread far apart with minimal decorations out front. I knew that this was a special opportunity because random people aren’t allowed on their property. There was dirt all over.

I dreamt that I was at church for a Halloween party. There was a young girl with a black and white vertical striped costume. The shoulders may have been either puffy or pointed. There was something about her but don’t remember what.

There was a moveable staircase in the middle of the cultural hall with a dark blue fabric covering them. There were some people underneath who would scare those who walked down. When I got to the bottom I was hoping they wouldn’t trip me.

The outside tabby was there, playing around with another tabby. I was looking at the heads to make sure I knew which one was the boy. His neck was narrow (from eating less). The top of his head had different colors on it. I was saying something about him to somebody and couldn’t think of his name. (He had one earlier in the dream.)

An Asian lady was talking to me about putting decorations up at my house. I was wanting to say that I don’t have a house. We then went over to a hallway where Fred was at the entrance and Miranda Frigon was on his right side. There was something tall and long leaning against the other wall in front of them that they were looking at.

Miranda was telling me that they (company she works with/at) would need $1500(0) to put up the decorations. I then said that I don’t have a house of my own. Bishop then started saying something to the Asian lady, who was standing in front of me, about this situation.

(From May 15, 2020) Coming

I asked the same question. I dreamt that Fred’s brother Steve was coming. He may have said that his brother is coming.

When I woke, I had the thought, “Share the cat”.

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