Next Step

I asked, “Will getting married heal Ali?” I dreamt that I was carrying a dark (black?) frozen yogurt in a cone down an aisle between people. I was thinking, “Look what I’ve got.”

I dreamt that a guy was sitting with crutches on either side of him, facing left. There was a woman standing next to him by his right leg, facing him. His next step was to walk without the crutches.

(From May 21, 2020) Waiting

I asked the same question. I was standing outside late at night waiting for someone. Either they were going to take me home or I was waiting for them so that I could go home. I’m not sure which. Dad appeared, with a belly, in Sunday clothes. I got emotional seeing him.

I reached out to him but didn’t feel him. I was expecting to feel him like I did with Kyle. I asked him why I didn’t feel him but he didn’t respond, as if he didn’t hear me. I asked him why he was here.

There was a step next to me that he moved to. He turned into someone else. I know the person but don’t remember who. He had evenly distributed weight with dark hair. He had an open white binder with him.

He said the reason he was playful with me is because he liked me. I was thinking of when we were in a car in the back seat with him and his binder on my right. I was thinking that the questions I have been asking about Ali healing were for him and someone else (having children and getting married).

(From May 20, 2020) Down The Line

I asked the same question. I dreamt that Joseph Smith’s grandson will rule and that Trump was his grandson (down the line).

I dreamt something about a colorful/colored (?) suit of armor (?) lying in a case with the feet near me. There was a guy standing at the head facing me with people on the right (his left) of the case.

(From May 19, 2020) Yes

I asked the same question. I dreamt that there was a girl with the name of Yes Ok.

I dreamt that a father was calling out to his young daughter named Ky (Kai).

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