I asked, “How do I wake him up?” I dreamt that I had been gone and had now come back to live with the family. Mom & dad had added on to the house a little bit because there wasn’t much room. I wondered how they were able to do that.

They added an extra big room across from my bedroom that was now Amy’s room. Everyone who wanted to go from their rooms to the rest of the house had to go through her room. I now understood the craziness of the position / questioning of placement from watching the home shows on tv. I was thinking that if I had that room I would have no problem working out.

As I was walking through her room she was sleeping on her bed to the left. The edges of the walls had nails protruding out with the trims leaning against where they wee supposed to be.

Mom & dad’s room was now across the hall from mine at the end to the right. I don’t remember who had it before.

I dreamt that mom & I were riding on a delivery truck turned bus (?). I was up front with the driver looking back at the people being transported to their destinations. The original driver/owner of the vehicle was in the back to the left crouched down in a janitor’s yellow bag for trash. I don’t know/remember why he was there.

The driver was driving on the sidewalk on the right to drop of one of the women. Our home was down to the left. I was mentioning to mom that if we walked we would be home in half an hour, making it there by around 6.

She hurriedly got out, moving a female who was sitting in the driver’s seat instead of going out through the entrance door. She walked in front of the vehicle and then going right at the cross street instead of left. She was wearing her big brown coat she has/d. I was standing at the vehicle curious why she would go the opposite direction. I then saw a parking lot with the entrance on the cross street. Dad was there waiting.

I dreamt that I was watching a video of me inside a closet in my old bedroom. Ali was next to me on my left next to the wall. There was a window directly in front of us on the wall. I was noticing the height difference between us. The video was shot from/by the wall across the window with the closet on the left.

Mom was asking questions to Ali. He said that he would treat me like a human. He put his arm around my shoulder, looking at me. I was remembering when this happened.

I was looking out the window either before or after this. I was looking at the outside wall of Amy’s old room, which was now the living room. There was a window air conditioner to the left and boards inside covering where the windows used to be. I was wondering why the workers hadn’t filled in the spaces yet.

I dreamt that I was sitting among people. I cautiously started caressing my right nipple. I hadn’t done that since before my mission.

I dreamt of a young couple standing outside next to their car on the driver side. The girl had her back to the door and the guy in front of her. He was saying that they had had sex. She was confused, saying, “We did?” It must’ve been when she was asleep. She was now pregnant.

(From May 27, 2020) Prizes

I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was in line at a theater. There was a young family in front of me wearing maroon costumes that looked like zipped up purses. The dad has his zipper all the way up. They were talking about that they had gotten tickets for prizes and had won them. They had two children, a boy and girl.

I paid for my ticket with a card and then put it back in my arm about an inch below my wrist on the inside. I didn’t see myself putting it back in.

I saw them walking below me after I had gotten my ticket. I was telling someone that the head of Levi’s (Strauss) lived in Riverside.

I was walking to the concession area when I saw an old man to my left facing me and acting strange talking to himself and moving his arms up and down. There was something in front him so I couldn’t see what he was doing. As I continued walking I saw that he had a marionette puppet. I was relieved that he wasn’t crazy.

I decided to stay and watch, leaning back on the silver railing behind me. I thought maybe others would see me watching him and would stop to watch him also.

I looked to my right and noticed that no one, or one person, was at the concession stand so I hurried over. Instead of the usual treats, it was more of a restaurant/cafeteria where they made the food.

A tall, broad shouldered black man got in front of me right when I got there. The black man got his food and then one of the black men workers said something. A black female worker on the left jokingly said, “You got/made him upset.” The guy in front of me then left after getting his food.

It was my turn. The guy I was ordering from saw that I was holding a couple cinnamon (?) baked tortilla chips standing up. He said something about that. I told the guy that I was here to see “Port Hole” thinking I would also get tickets to win some prizes. The guy didn’t move.

I then went to get my card out of my arm, panicking a little, not sure how I was going to peel back the skin to get it out. There were faded stitches going across in a rainbow shape. I thought, either then or when I woke, why didn’t I keep the card out after buying my ticket.

(From May 25, 2020) In House

I asked the same question. All I remember is being in Barbie’s house.

(From May 24, 2020) Start

I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was with a group of women who were getting ready for an event. We were listening to Prince. I was singing along, having fun. A lady walks toward me asking if I’m ready (to get my hair done). I excitedly say yes. I wanted to the women that she was going to make me look sexy but decided not to.

There was a lady who showed up on my right to take her shower. I helped open the head (like a ladybug?) for her.

I dreamt that Trump uses an app called Start.

I dreamt that I was at the house (different from real) with mom, Micalanne, Sara, Steve, and Mark. Another lady was there also. There were two babies. One belonged to this other women and was older than the other which was still a newborn. I was doing something with the younger one, saying something about it not being able to stand up yet.

Punkin, a dachshund from my mission, was there. He used to be mom’s guide dog. He was only looking at the person he was there with, not paying attention to us. He didn’t have the service vest on.

The lady changed her babies diaper. I asked her about the women who come to help the women who recently have given birth. She mentioned a lady from church who had a lot of children, who said, “What’s one more?”

There was also a young black boy with two of his friends. I noticed a bump on his right temple. I hadn’t noticed it earlier. I wanted to say something but didn’t.

Someone was looking at my keychain with the several things I had on it. They mentioned a picture with me and Bart. The others were surprised that I would have a picture with him in it. I looked and saw that he was on the right and I was on the left. Micalanne was on the right of me. There was a brown post between me and Bart hiding Micalanne’s face/head. I was either looking at the camera or to the left (?).

There was a tv show on. DeGrassi High. I mentioned that Steve & I used to watch it when we were younger. I was saying that it’s in Canada or New Brunswick. Somewhere up there.

It was showing a ballet class with a girl looking forward. She was wearing a pink tutu. She was standing, doing her exercises. Her friend was to the right (her left) in front of her helping out another girl. This girl was saying something to her friend but her friend didn’t acknowledge her.

There were cats and dogs outside. A big white cat with big black and brown spots showed up. I was thinking how beautiful it was. It had what looked like a Chinese man’s scruffy beard.

It was starting to get windy and then strong gust of wind before the hurricane came. Doors and a window were open. I was looking for the younger baby, screaming crying out, “Where is he?”Mom & Amy were outside screaming looking for me.

(From May 23, 2020) Daddy

I asked the same question. I dreamt that a grandfather played a song he wrote for his granddaughter acknowledging her accomplishments. They were hugging after he played it. His back was facing me.

When I woke I had the word “Accelerate” come to mind.

I dreamt of being with a little bit older guy on my right. We weren’t together but happened to be on the same path (at a cemetery?). I don’t remember what we were looking at/doing. I would move forward then he would move ahead of me. We kept doing this and then eventually laughed at ourselves.

There was something about a guy who wasn’t at peace until his body was buried at the place he wanted. I was thinking of the Prepare for Paranormal FB group and suggesting that their families should know what to do with their bodies when that time comes. I then thought of one of the guys (who is from a different group) saying something about cremation. I then thought that this subject had already been talked about.

I dreamt that I was dead asleep at the house in San Bernardino in the living room. Natalie, Steve, and Elin showed up. Natalie walked over to my right telling me to wake up. I was struggling. I finally did, or imagining that I did.

Natalie and Steve were sitting at the end of the table closest to me facing right with Steve on the left of Natalie. I was getting out one of those toys that has water with rings that you need to put on poles. It looked like an old 80’s blender with a brown base.

It was enclosed in a case with a separated glass top. I was telling and showing Elin how to play. I told her that her daddy & I used to play with it when we were young. She pushed the button once and was through playing. She only got 2 or 3 rings on the poles.

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