I asked, “When do I marry Ali?” I dreamt that I’m in a car with Greg and Amy both to my left with Greg in the middle. Going down the street with a white van parked at the curb. At first it is in front of us but as we get closer the scene moves / stretches forward without moving, causing the van to be further away from us.

I’m looking at the sky and the thin clouds. The sky changes into waves of energy (?), stretching the clouds out. The people in charge are the ones doing this. I know it’ll only last until Christ comes. We are being held up in the sky. It feels like heavy/dense air holding us up (Best way I can describe it) in a comfortable way. I then ask where the other people are and that there must be others like us. I don’t get an answer.

I’m looking at the ground and see that we are flying and I say/think that this is why I was able to fly in my dreams. I then think about how I was able to have sex in my dreams without getting caught/repercussions/reprimanded.

Something about Linda and Don and Temple Illuminatus?

(From May 29, 2020) Turned On

I asked the same question. I dreamt of driving along a street and seeing a woman almost finished cleaning her front yard and wiping down the outside of her house. A neighbor guy was also cleaning his yard.

I dreamt of a young Mexican girl walking from left to right on the right side of the sidewalk. She was wearing a black sheer top with a small bolero (?) jacket showing her bra. 

I dreamt something about a white floor lamp, without the shade, resting on top of a couch/headboard with the bulb to the left. Mom was saying something about it to remind me about it.

I dreamt that a guy was holding a baby shoe and looking for the other. We were in a wide open white room/building. I found the other shoe at the right front corner of a bunch of shoes that were gathered together on the floor. I don’t remember what I was doing before this. I showed the guy where I found it.

He said something about me giving a talk in church. I was telling him no.

I dreamt that Ali had a dentist appointment. I stayed outside but somehow inside. I got on my tablet and the internet has just been turned on. I’m thinking Ali must’ve said something about that.

There is a little girl. I have the floor cleaner (Roomba) cleaning the floor. One of the female workers comes out and thinks that strange but doesn’t say anything. I know that I’ll be taking it when we leave.

​(From May 28, 2020) Emergency

I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was watching a music video of that girl singing about a guy. I am saying that she is ugly. I’m hoping she’s singing about a high school guy. She had a pig nose. She had bleached short hair above her shoulders. She looked to the left for a couple seconds. From her right profile I think that maybe she is pretty but that thought doesn’t last long.

We are among people at night and I’m telling her to leave us alone as she’s walking away from me. I ask her if she’s glad she’s going the direction she’s going (?). I’m wearing a white dress with small designs on it.

I dreamt that a lady reminds me of Kate Jackson of Charlie’s Angels but I can’t think of her name. I’m only able to describe her hair. A lady tells me that I will remember it later/it’ll come to me.

I dreamt that I was looking in the mirror and my hair is thinning on the right side top. 

The words “Air (?) of Emergency” came to mind.

I dreamt that Ali and I are in the backyard. We hear the gate on the left. We go to check it out and see that it is open enough for two people to walk through. It slid across to the left instead of the shape of a rainbow (as it does). 

There are two sets of twin kittens (?). All I can make out is that they’re black. I was thinking about my dreams of being pregnant with twins. 

The cats are on both sides of the gate (or at the open spot). They are circled around Madoow (black in Somalia). The cats were almost attacking madoow (?). The friend (tabby on top white on bottom) is across the street to the left and looking back.

I dreamt that I was the only one on a city bus. It stopped at a corner in front of a family members house (Steve?). He was outside sitting/kneeling on the lawn at the left corner (when looking at the front) of the garage which was open and empty. I was thinking maybe the car was being worked on.

He was looking at me and waving. I was waving back. As we started to move again, I saw the driver waving. I was thinking, “He’s waving at me.” I started to move my hands as if driving, indicating that the car was missing.

I dreamt that I was in a pool. I was wearing a shirt over my suit that had tears/holes in it. The mother cat was to the right of me a short distance away. It seemed as though she was standing on top of the water. She was facing away me. Possibly cleaning herself.

I pushed myself away from the edge of the pool, swimming underneath, coming up after slowing down. The bottom of the pool wasn’t smooth but a little rocky.

Either here, or before, there was a girl who changed into a light/lime green bikini (at least the top) and a white sheer cover over her shoulders. She was facing left looking at me. Her breasts were bigger than mine.

I then went into a bank to fill my water bottle. I look around a corner before going in too far looking to see if there’s a coffee stand for me to be able to do so. I see a guy filling his so I go and fill mine.

As I was leaving, there was a woman worker with long blonde hair leaning back a little in her chair talking. There would be a second, or two, between each word. I was wondering why she was talking like that.

I then was in a church (different religion), outside of the chapel. There was a woman on the floor watching Helen. I asked if Ben & Erin were here (HGTV Hometown). Either she didn’t respond or I moved on before she could.

I was then in the chapel which was between me and the woman. I was at the back with the last row of benches to my right. It was full of people sitting dressed up waiting for whatever they were here for to start.

I wanted to go out the other side to get out but there were some people standing a short distance away so I went up front and to the right where the door was to go out. I’m wondering what the people are thinking seeing me dressed the way I am.

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