Didn’t See

(Night before asked the same question as previous because I wasn’t sure I had an answer)

I was buying something, and the female cashier handed back to me my picture id (DL?), asking for another. I wanted to ask why the one I gave her wasn’t ok, but didn’t. Looking in my wallet purse, I saw tons of different cards, organized in slots, but didn’t see one with a picture / that would work.

At someone’s house with a gathering of people. Travis is there, dresses nice, just having gotten out from being locked up. We talked a little, he being somewhat distracted at times from others (children?) around.

I had a bottle of perfume I was holding (shaped like a candy pumpkin, but not as round). Somehow the lid came off, and spilled about a third of it. I kinda sheepishly mentioned to Travis that this is why I don’t ? I wasn’t able to smell it, but others could, and a lady came over to smell it.

There was a small news crew, who arrived, to interview a tough female who also had recently just been let out from being locked up. The reporter was female. They were sitting in front of a green screen, the girl to the reporter’s right. The girl’s chin kept protruding out, somewhat like Pinocchio, but not as long, and would curl up at the end. It only came out when she would feel a certain way, and she would be able to push it back in. I had seen her chin protruding, then flat at another time. I then saw her pushing her chin back in, and I thought to myself, “aha! I knew it!”

I had brought a basketball with me, which I think Travis had been playing with. He left, so I asked where it was. Someone told me it was in one of the bathroom’s, so I went and checked. The inside of the house was in a circle, so I went around, not finding it. There were stairs to upstairs, with a door, but didn’t go up.


I Found It Funny

(Night before, I asked if the angels of healing, etc… were real.)

Two older famous men, in a silent (home) movie, conversing with each other.

Ali, and I, are at a department store. We are where people come to pickup, or return. There is a huge sailing yacht, 1/4(?) size of actual, leaning on its left (when looking from front). It is in the middle of the floor, along with other things for sale.

There is a couple there, the man returning a model sized yacht. He has it in a flat manila envelope. I wonder how it could be in there. He puts some white packing tape across it, and places it on a pedestal, waiting for a worker to come service / help him.

He is conversing with another man (with a bit of Asian in him?), who is sitting, and says he bought this yacht for $119. Ali, who us standing by the outside doors, and I look at each other in amazement at that amount.

Ali says something about that if this man returns his yacht, Ali will give the money to the man sitting down. This man says that would be very kind of Ali to do that.

In the evening, there is a pregnant woman (4 – 5 months) running a short distance to catch the bus to take her a short distance. Someone mentions how she didn’t want to walk. The pregnant woman, tired, agrees.

I get picked up by this same woman(?) in her Lexus SUV. I am in the backseat, on the passenger side. A young man is in the front passenger seat. Ali doesn’t get in. As she drives away, I look back, wanting to say to her, “What about him?”, but then think that maybe he stayed because he had something else to do.

There is a tear in the leather at the top of the seat next to me. The lady mentions she wants to get a new vehicle. Something from outside, sharp, has reached inside, scraping across the leather, causing no damage, as she drives past (as if a branch had come in the window).

The lady says this street is usually the first to swindle (but another term) someone, but this time, it was ok.

There was a section of the road that dipped down, bending slightly to the left. I was thinking how it reminded me of the dream I had had where the road was steep, but we were going up.

Someone is talking about a computer program, for people who are looking for a job, that fills out all the information for you, on multiple forms, at once, allowing for the person to fill out multiples of applications.

As the speaker is ending, another scene starts showing several high school students cleaning inside a zoo enclosure, where the birds are, as one of their classes. They are wearing tank tops and shorts because it’s hot, and steamy in there. There is a blonde girl, a guy, or two, and a black girl. The sweat is more visible on the skin of the black girl.

There are also firemen there, and their truck. The firemen are teasing around with the blonde. She has soap on her left arm, using a big circular sponge to clean her arm, teasingly, because of the sweat. The black girl is raking(?) around a fountain that is in the middle if the enclosure.

A bare-chested guy lays down, so that his knees are bent, taking someone’s place, seeing if that person will notice.

I am at my parents house, in their bed/bathroom. My parents want to use their car (I had been using it in waking life), so I told them I had left it at a storage / parking structure, and that I had left it unlocked. My dad said that Ali needs to know of all the cleaning, and fixing up, the car needs. I was thinking, besides the scratches that are there (from when he drove), there wasn’t much to clean / fix up.

As they went to get the car, I took a shower. The bathroom was huge, like the size of a hotel conference room, but rectangular in size. There was a window in the middle of the wall looking out to the street. There was a house / business across where people would be able to see in the bathroom. Before taking the shower, back against the other wall, I closed a huge curtain (hotel size, or perhaps theatre size), going from left to right, for privacy.

After taking the shower, I had needed to use the toilet, but this bathroom, because if its size, was also a public space. People would come, and go. A brother (only in the dream) even came to sit by the toilet to eat, facing toward the back wall.

There were several young guys coming over for an event at the house, parking their trucks where the closets (to the right if window) were. The closets were such that they were in a hallway behind a wall. I wondered how they were able to park their. I went over to take a look, and only saw a wide enough space for one person, as if it had originally been a bigger space, but had been cut down to make more room for the rest of the bathroom. Seems also that there may have been a board leaning from to the left.

After seeing only this small space, and not seeing the vehicles, I then wondered where they were.

Across the street, at the house / business, an ambulance had arrived, with a female EMT. She was getting a gurney ready. Over on this side, someone started up the black SUV(?) that belonged to the person with the health issue. A couple other EMT’s arrived, and a mother and child related to the person called for, walked to the right. The people inside the bathroom hurried over to the window. After a couple of seconds they left the window, going back to what they were doing. I told a guy to close the curtain.

A lady asked me if I still wanted to use the toilet. I said I would if my brother didn’t mind, who was still there, but decided I would wait, and use another one.

I was watching a cartoon children’s movie. A little girl, and a man, were walking, holding hands, she on his left. The camera was his vision, looking down at the girl. He was saying something, when she came out with, ” I’m a taser kind of girl myself.” I chuckled at this because of how she said it, and her timing of saying it. I mentioned to something there with me that I thought it was funny.

It Isn’t Gone

(All parking lot scenarios are on same night)

Evening time, I park the car in a spot horizontal to a Stake Center, where I know I will find it later.

Whatever I came here for is over, and people are going out to their cars. I see several cousins from both of my uncle’s families. I see them individually, they not knowing the others are there. One of which is Jon. He sees me, but we don’t speak. I wish I had known these cousins were here so that I could gather them and take a picture.

I am in the parking lot. I see Jason with short bleached hair. There is another guy with him. I tall him it’s been a while since I’ve heard from him. They run away from me, needing to get somewhere, with Jason looking back, and smiling at me.

I don’t see the car. The space is empty, but I think to myself, “It isn’t gone, mom and dad have it. But if they have it, how did I drive it here? How did I get here?”

Beyond the lot is a small carnival going on. I notice it, not getting emotionally involved because I am more focused on the car.

I drive into a parking spot, making sure it’s a parking spot, and that I can park there. When I get out of the car, I see that instead of a parking spot, I’m parked between rows of parking spaces, even though I had checked first.

I drive into a parking spot, making sure it’s a parking spot, and that I can park there. When I get out, I see that I’m parked in a handicapped spot, even though, again, I had checked first.

Seems at one point, I was inside the building listening to the radio, and thinking it was ok to do so.

There is a lady in the passenger seat. (I don’t know why she’s there, don’t know who she is, but perhaps I’m taking her home?) we both have a small yellow square-shaped thing that have been placed on the floor behind us. I put my arm back, making sure hers, and mine, don’t get mingled.

As I’m driving out of the lot, I notice the people speeding out, and no one crashing. Jason(?) is in a royal blue car in front of me. I barely bump him because of not slowing down soon enough. I’m looking at the car, so I don’t notice if he registered it, or not.

It’s my turn to drive out of the lot. The cars on the street are speeding past. I speed out into the Ā street without getting hit.

I’m with a handful if people, walking along the corridors if a senior center living center. The rooms are like an apartment. Colleen walks in front of us, right to left, carrying a bag of dirty plates / dishes, just coming from a gathering of ? I think I say something to her as she passes, but she doesn’t say anything, only smiling, then opens a door and goes inside, shutting the door.

Somehow the group if us has gotten lost as to how to get outside. A worker points out a door by us just as we see it, and go outside.

Why Am I Doing This?

Owner of home is letting newspapers collect on front lawn, six of which are out of the plastic, in two rows of three side-by-side, lying flat. Sprinklers come on, getting all of them wet,

I am in the Middle East. The men, and women, are able to be together. I am thinking how it wouldn’t / didn’t make sense to have them separated.

People are sitting at desks (think school) next to each other, or front to front.I kept getting up, and walking over the desks to go check on something. Eventually, after doing this several times, I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?”

One such instance of doing so, on my way back to my desk, I notice a man with his desk face front with the desk in front of him. he is bringing the other desk closer to him, as if it wasn’t already. Ā The person in the other desk, a man / male, is crippled. I am supposing the man is bringing the desks closer in case the crippled man needs help.

Hold On

(From earlier this year)

I was in a room with people and had to hold onto a horn of a unicorn (but a picture of one) in which I was surrounded by black with rainbow like colors. I then saw myself (but not my head) in this same room with these people.

(From either end of last year, or early this year)

I was in a mansion that was for sale on a landing that looked somewhat similar to this, but there were no carvings on the banister, just the spindles (?). There weren’t any windows, that I noticed, but instead, there was a closet in the middle. (I only noticed about 1 – 2 feet outwards on either side.) I was here with an older lady who was a Realtor. She was about in her late 50’s, early 60’s. As she was talking to me, I opened the closet. There stood a (wax?) figure, looking like a thinner version of me with long hair (about to small of back), a blouse(?), and skirt. The Realtor said the previous owner had passed away / died. This figure scared me so much I hurriedly shut the door.


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