Growing Up

I asked the question, “What is that (Utah) girl’s kryptonite?” I dreamt that a girl (Ariana Grande?) had sung a song about growing up. The picture had a Pokemon ball hanging. I dreamt that work was over and I wanted to take a shower before leaving. I was naked and trying to hurry to open my locker before the guys showed up. The first number I could remember was 97 but the locks don’t go that high so I was frantically trying to remember the combination. I heard some people so I used to yellow washcloths that I had to … Continue reading Growing Up

The Lottery

I asked the same question, “What are the answers to the tests that are in the book? ” I dreamt of a train (?) veering off to the right toward water instead of coming in front of me like I had imagined.  I was standing above what looked to be a bunch of thick tree roots. They were in a depressed area of land. I think I was by the ocean. Some of them almost looked like a woman stretched out / lying down on her stomach.  I dreamt that I was at a bank (?). I was with a … Continue reading The Lottery


A tall, black man brings a baby, buckled in a stroller, with only a head, that could fit in a hand. The eyes were shut, and the mouth was still a bit sealed, as if it was still developing. Two couples were lounging on some grass, behind some rocks, on a beach(?). One of the guys was twirling a lit cigarette between his toes of one of his feet, while he was smoking another one. Ray(?) was sitting at a table drawing up plans for the truss of the addition to the house, using one of those triangular rulers. A … Continue reading Searching