I Don’t Know Why I’m Here 

(From July 8, 2015)

I am in the main / family room (with big windows / doors to the backyard), sitting on the floor. Ali is outside. He walks past me (left to right), over to my bedroom (end of house), to knock on the window to let him in. I then wake, and hear a knocking on the window, louder than at other times. 

Kyle, and I, are in the Mexican neighbors house. Kyle is on the floor in front of the TV, unable to move / use his legs. The neighbors are gone, about to come back, having a party. They get back before we can leave. A visitor, for the party, sees me, and I tell him that I don’t know why I’m here. I am finally able to get out without them knowing I was there. I believe Kyle got out also. 

There is a fence between our yards ( our back is against their side, we actually have a brick wall). A car of theirs is in our back, driving through, and down, to theirs (part of their back goes down). I look where the car was, and see that they have made a swirl of steps / stepping stones leading to our back. 



(From Dec. 26, 2014)


(From Dec. 28, 2014)

(Night before I asked what do I do to support myself)

There was a bumpy hill in the backyard, the house being at the top. There was a tabby cat, on the left, lying on its back with the head upside down, and then turned to look at me.

Amy was there, and I told her that she should see Ali with the tiger (with black stripes).

There was an industrial looking fan, with a space between the blades, and edges. I was putting / dropping down gold coins through, and one got stuck.

Ali, and I, got married, then had sex, and it was ok because we were already married. Later (how much?), I was either thinking of getting a divorce, or we were going to get divorced.

On the hill, there was a single colored fox, rusty?, that I petted a couple of times, then it laid on its stomach, and worm size sausage looking links of poop came out.

I was topless, and my body was green. My nipples were half way down, and when I covered them, my body looked like a man.

(From Dec. 31, 2014)

Someone was reminding / telling Richard Branson , while standing on a balcony, how / that he likes/d Miami.

Kyle was lying next to me on the bed, naked. I was playing with him.

Reggie Dawson (don’t know anyone with that name)


Travis. I thought I was supposed to see him on the 18th.

A tall thin black man wanted to steal my trench coat. As he was leaving, in the dark, talking to us, I was looking at his dark blue / black knitted sweater he was wearing, making sure it wasn’t my coat.

Las Vegas

The family had gone back to Las Vegas for a visit(?). There were a couple of dogs I played with while there. After we got back home, there were also some dogs to play with. I mentioned to someone how I really missed playing with the dogs back in Las Vegas. While I said this, I was envisioning it, hoping for it to become real again.

I was inside a small racetrack where my dad was going to race (my family never watched / participated). Across the street, I saw a man placing a box behind some tall white metal doors he had, blocking the view to his backyard. His house was sideways so that the front door faced left. He put the box there so that his wife w/couldn’t say anything.

He then started putting things on his workhorse / sawhorse so he could make something out of wood.

The race started, and I was standing at the loop furthest from the street. I saw some runners running, starting to make the loop, towards me. My dad came racing from behind me, toward the runners. When they saw him, they moved to an outer track, and kept going.

Right when my dad was to (barely) pass me, his car stopped because a part of the car blew. My dad told me what it was, and what it did, but I don’t remember. It looked somewhat like a baby jellyfish, but with only two strings(?).

The guy across the street yelled(?), asking my dad if my dad wanted him to call for someone to come out, and repair it. My dad said yes because he would’ve fumbled his words, and wouldn’t know how to explain what was needed. I then heard the man on the phone describing the situation, what was needed, and where.

I’m at church, sitting in one of the front rows in the chapel. Bethany is to my right. She is holding a baby, and playing with it (girl?). I say that it likes it’s cheeks tickled, but (in the dream) I don’t remember how.

Bethany then gives the baby back, and I notice she is wearing a short white crop top, almost showing. I told her, “As long as nothing shows”, and the family were surprised that I would be so outright about saying that.


Several women standing by me. One of them asked me if I was supposed to fast today. The others chuckled at this, and one of them said that they (LDS) fast on Sunday’s, and don’t fast on the holiday’s.

Something about thanksgiving.

Larissa (ex-coworker)

Jeanie had become physically ill, so much so that an ambulance had to be called, and she taken out on a stretcher. She had become ill because when someone, at the pulpit at church, had been talking about Jeff (her brother who recently passed), several people in the congregation had been interruptive.

I was parking, little bit diagonally, in a two stall garage, in a station wagon(?). A man had come in, in front, from right to left, in his Smart car (the red and black colors). I moved back a little to allow him room, as there was some extra.

He was impressed with my driving / parking, and I told him that I used to have a Toyota pickup (with late husband, but didn’t mention that). He may have asked where I got it, not sure, but for some reason, I was having a hard time getting out how I had come into possession of the vehicle. I was fumbling my words a bit.

(From July 10, 2014)

A short Arabian man was speaking Spanish to his tiny wife. Someone nearby thought that strange.

I, and someone else, found, in a backyard, a small collectible doll, and what looked to be a shade for a ceiling light. It was shaped like the 60’s hairstyle with the flip at the bottom, like in Hairspray. It was colored / tinted a deep / dark purple, for to use at parties. It also had slits on the sides, in case one wanted to use them for books.

A man said we couldn’t take them away, but that they had to stay with the property.


Looks like a road up in the mountains. Two guys, touch of burliness to them, riding along, mountain to their left. They are riding fire “engine” motorcycles. When they get to where I am, they stop, and pull over.

A guy had a large screen monitor, for his computer, on the wall. It was on, but crashed, and eventually restarted. Since the iPod does the same, I asked him why that happens, and he said he didn’t know.

He had a (small) cemetery a ways from his house, in the backyard. Only about 12 could be seen, and were under some sort of table. Either he said, or it was known, that there were tons more below these top ones. A few belongings, including some paper, were on top of the markers of the owners.

We were looking at the different tombstones / markers, reading off the different states they were from.

To the left, I saw a female body lying among the graves, not moving. I figured she came here to die. After a bit, though, she moved, and got up, and began looking for her makeup case.

A tall, thin, professionally dressed, black woman walked over, carrying this girls case. They had talked the day before about the direction of this girls life, and today, the woman reiterating for the girl to call if / when needed.

Pick It Up

It’s night-time. There is water rising a bit outside of the front(?) door. I’m thinking that I want to take a picture of it. Greg, and I, are dressed to go somewhere.

A kitten gets out, from the backyard, and a strange guy kicks it a couple of times, not hurting it. It runs back to the backyard, and the guy kicks it again. It runs around, coming over by me, and I’m able to pick it up.

(Ali’s Dream)

Some people have come, and taken the cats, tying them together with a rope, and pulling them. Ali sees them, and runs after them, telling them that those are his cats, holding on to the other side of the rope, which was trailing behind.

These people kept going. A crowd of people show up, saying that those people went into Ali’s backyard, and took the cats.

There was a tug-of-war between Ali, and these people, a cliff behind them, with deep, muddy water below. Ali, and the cats, were pulling on the rope with enough strength causing these people to let go, and fall, drowning some.

Some of the people in the crowd were calling for help for those people, while others were saying they deserved to drown.

Fire trucks arrived to help those people who had fallen. The people in the crowd were saying that those who fell had gone into Ali’s property, and stole his cats.

Ali then took the cats home, and could almost hear them telling him that they felt safe here at home.

Smart Home

Before falling asleep, I saw the HGTV Smart Home 2014.

I’m in my teenage home, in back of house, looking at the backyard of the neighbor to the left. My dad is to my left, a little behind me. The neighbor’s backyard is all dirt (in reality, there was a brick wall, and couldn’t see). The grumpy man (neighbor now) is the neighbor, and has his RV parked all the way in back, facing the house, which I don’t see. He drives the RV out of the backyard, going to the right of the house. I tell my dad that this guy is crazy.

Something with me pouring water out, by the back window (tinted, floor to ceiling), inside the house. Not a whole lot, but some.

My dad is asleep, napping, on my bed. The bed facing horizontal, his head to the left. He looks somewhat like Kyle, and is covered up in a blanket. He is all the way to the edge, so much that he could fall over. I say to myself that parents get to choose which bed to sleep on. Seems we are waiting for him to wake up.

Something About to Happen

(From May 5, 2014)

I’m in the backyard of the last house my parents owned, during the evening. Kyle is also back there, and a little boy (3, 4?). There is a wooden play set , with the slide facing the back wall, giving only so much room for the slider. Kyle is sitting in top of the slide, with the hose stretched out to him, he squirting the water, and the boy running through. We had a knowing that the tile man would be coming shortly, within a day, or two, to do the floor. I went to turn down the amount of water coming out, but gradually turned it back up because Kyle had wanted it up. The boy was also rolling across a crack (foot, or two) in the dirt.

I went to the chain link fence that was on the left side of the house (there was none in waking life), and saw my parents’ (’89?) Buick Park Ave, along with Ali’s vehicle, windows halfway rolled down. (Not sure if the vehicle belonged to Ali in the dream.) I told Kyle to put the vehicle (Ali’s) in the garage. He said it would be ok there because it’s by / under the picture window. I told him someone could still come up, and take it before we got to it.

Kyle, and the boy, went back inside to watch tv. I had had a blanket outside with me, along with a compact mirror, and tweezers. I was watching (how / where?) a lady talk to a group if people, getting them to learn descriptions. There would be a sentence on a piece of paper, and the person would need to identify the descriptions that were in the sentence.

I all if a sudden became anxious, and went inside, locking the door, along with the screen. I went to the front of the house, where Kyle was, and told him that I was feeling something was about to happen, and he needs to move the car. He started to get up to move it.

Somewhere during this, I was fingering a sleepy Kyle, but he had a vagina. When the sensation “clicked”, and he woke up, I stopped, and thought to myself, “Oh, that’s how / why I wake up aroused.”

(From May 4, 2014 Ali’s Dream)

He was racing up, and down, hills with a couple of his nephews. There was a leopard, along with other big cats. Ali touched the leopard. He had a knowing the cats, or the leopard, would leave him alone, but would go after the others. He called to a nephew several times, but he was not hearing / listening. The cats were getting ready to attack.

Obstructed View

I’m in a building / house, in the second floor. There were tall, thick trees in back that were pulled up, and placed against the building so as to block / cover the view out the window.

I am on the second floor of same building(?), and looking out a window, I see a young woman  (20’s) in her truck surrounded, and covered with wood chips. I tell two women who are deep in conversation behind me (one young, the other in her early 50’s), who then get up to go help, still deeply engaged. By the time I get there (I never do see these women down there, or again), I see that she has gotten up, and realize what was the truck was just some foam, with a facade of a truck, by sticking a piece of wood through it.

I am in a room with a rectangular table. There is  a young black man (late teens / early 20’s) sitting at the table. Seems there may be a chalkboard behind him. I sit on the other side of him, across the table. There is an older man sitting at the end, to my left. I mention my reason for sitting where I sat is because we all need our space. The young black man is happy with this answer, and repeats, “Yes, we all need our space”, placing his leg(s) over the chair(s) next to him toward the other man.

I am in a kitchen, and a man tells me he needs to speak to me. (Or perhaps those are reversed?) I am standing with a fridge(?) to my left. Up in the ceiling is a fold up door with ladder attached. The passage is barely big enough for an adult to go through. The man is waiting for me up there. The bottom portion of the ladder isn’t coming down. While I’m fiddling with it, I’m thinking about a circular stairway (somewhat like in a lighthouse) behind a door that uses, and wonder why I can’t just use those instead.

The backyard has dirt over on the right side over by / next to the (old man) neighbor. I pick up one grain of dirt, and a big hole appears, engulfing some of the neighbor’s paver bricks (he doesn’t have any). I mention this to someone, that I only picked up a single grain of dirt.

Paid For Two

A man says that being paid for one book is good, but it’s better to be paid for two.

A perturbed guy has a professional check he is holding, still attached is the receipt, that has been made out to him for writings he has done. He’s standing between two people, wanting something on the check to be fixed. He holds up the paper to me to see, but I am a couple of feet away, so don’t see what he is complaining about. I then think that maybe I could send some of my poems to be published, and get paid for them, but then am not sure about the quality of my poems.

A young girl (9, 10) is in the air, vertical, propelling herself with her legs as frogs do. I then see her with a charcoal bow and arrow. She shoots it (at an animal?), but the arrow is only capable of going 6 feet, so it ends up just shy of the target.

I am in L.A. at Zac Efron’s house, looking at it from outside in back. I’m thinking it might be, or at least reminds me of, a house that was featured on an episode of HGTV’s House Hunters: Renovation (the Spanish Fixer episode). I am then in the back room of the house, where it is semi-enclosed, but still open to the back. I lean to my right because of the sound of water. I see a fountain of water where a jacuzzi would be, sprouting water into the pool. (It is the pool, that if you’ve seen that episode, you can get a general vision of what I am seeing.) There are white blankets and pillows layered all over, Bohemian style. There are cats, and dogs lying around, enjoying being there, and having fun. Zac has a bunch of his friends over, who are (mostly) in the backyard, having a party. They don’t see me. As Zac converses with me, he playfully jumps around.

I am naked, and at one point, pull up a blanket to cover me, but take it off shortly after. Zac is lying by / on it, and mentions that there is sweat. I tell him I was a bit warm (my body is naturally warm). I ask if it’s a double blanket, pulling it toward me to look. I see that indeed, it is, with two blankets sewn together.

In the backyard with small green rolling hills, a man (Islander?) is wearing a big heavy blue coat. I think he has a metal detector. He says to Zac, “One of these days I’m going to catch you”, meaning, catch Zac having sex.

Zac then sucks on my left breast for a bit, then jumps around again. He then comes in front of me, observing my breasts. He then says that when he is up close, they look perfect, but when he leans back, they’re off. He says there could be some orange stuff in my left breast behind the nipple, and that I should have it looked at.

He then lies on me, stomach to stomach, pulling his penis up, and between us. He begins to suck my left breast, and I suck him. I start to get excited, gradually tighten my grip on his right arm up by his shoulder. He says he wishes he could stick / put it in.

I woke up with the lyrics, ” There must be some misunderstanding. There must be some kind of mistake” sung by Genesis / Phil Collins.