The End

I asked, “When is the date?” I dreamt that there was a window in my bedroom to the basement below. I saw a guy, who had set up an office, standing and talking on the phone. He was facing my direction. I yelled at him to leave and then called out to my dad. I dreamt that I was watching a show as if I was there. There was a group of people at the end of a long strip of narrow road (on a bridge?). Some of them were lined up going across the road to block whoever they … Continue reading The End


Last night I asked, “What is the book?” I dreamt something about wanting to send something to Amy (?) and seeing the social media options listed vertically, including the gmail option. I decided to email. I don’t remember the beginning of the address but the end was, I think, I don’t know about the rest of the email but I wrote the @ and made it big.  I dreamt something about either being in the mountains, or being somewhere where I was feeling the coolness of being in the mountains. (From Sept. 8, 2018 Had Been Found) I asked … Continue reading Big

Scared To See

(Night before, I asked, what delivery went well?) I’m with someone, or several people, seeing a military plane (real skinny with long pointed nose) on a level area, pointing to the left, at the bottom, or near, of an ocean. It’s still in working order, the government having a military outpost here, so that they are close enough to the middle of the earth, so that they can send out a bomb, to the core, and blow up the earth. I mention that if I were to come upon this plane, while under water, I would be scared to see … Continue reading Scared To See

Make Room

I am standing in a dirt parking lot. Dirt seems to be of a reddish brown color, and is level. Two spots open up, then one is taken. Kyle has come to pick me up from being locked up in jail / prison (don’t know which), and as we are driving away, he mentions that those guys are nasty. It had been a while since we had been together, and I was thinking how we were going to have sex that night. I was also comparing his stomach to another man’s. We stop by a grocery store, and there’s a … Continue reading Make Room

Time for Changing

Evening time. Family (including cousins) in car. Sara backs the car up to the house. The driveway is a little bit long, and is the type with two rows of concrete with grass growing between. I’m waiting for, and hoping she doesn’t, to drive over a kitten. She doesn’t. Jeri mentions a scene in a movie, consisting of two young men, saying that she like that part. I say to her, “Oh, you think you’re so smart”, in a sort of fun, teasing way. I am surprised, and pleased, that she watched the movie since I’m the one who suggested … Continue reading Time for Changing


A Mexican man told me that Kyle’s (my late husband) contract was complete. (That was his line of work, to tell the living spouse when the deceased spouse’s contract was fulfilled. Is there such a person? A contract for what?) We were outside of his office (the building resembled a teacher’s office at a local college). Next, he had a lot of overweight women in his family, and they had come over (where?) to fix, and eat dinner. I was in a different building than them, with at least one guy, and another guy (bald) came walking through holding a … Continue reading Complete