Make A Structure

I dreamt that I was watching a preview of a movie about a boy who visits his girlfriend from another country (Asian?). The sun is setting. She is wearing a black bustier. He pulls the top down from her left breast to suck on it. This is her first time being sexual with him. I see a jolt of energy/electricity go through her. They are then sitting outside next to each other on a different day. There is a small space between them with her on the right. She is holding some of the letters she received from him. She … Continue reading Make A Structure


I asked, ” Do I need to marry Ali to get rid of that (Utah) girl?” I dreamt that I was with Amy, Judy, and Steve. Amy and Judy were in front of me with Amy on the left of Judy. Amy kept pinching the bottom of Judy’s left breast. I don’t remember why. Irritated, Judy told her to stop. We were then at the top of a curved covered slide. Judy was at the entrance. I don’t remember what I did but Judy slid to the bottom and then accused me of pushing her. It was then my turn. … Continue reading Go


I was walking home in the dark (I had waited too long to get started) on a busy street. I had with me a pole with a chunk of concrete at the end (as if I had pulled the pole out). I was walking in front of K-Mart. I then saw a tall, skinny, crazy guy walking in the street (no one seemed to be bothered by him), upset at some thing / one. As I was walking, there was another woman who was coming from the street, and got ahead of me. She seemed to be several years older … Continue reading Leslie