Time To Go

I dreamt of a tall mirrored high rise building. I dreamt of a gated abandoned house/building with several stories. I dreamt that I had pooped a slightly curved tan “brick”, leaving it on top of the toilet. I had some dark remnants on my right leg on the top of my thigh under my belly. It was Micalanne’s turn to clean. She was poking it with a stick and smelling it, not smelling anything, trying to figure out what it was. I put the brick in a hole above the seat the size of the brick and flushed it. I … Continue reading Time To Go

Start Another Fire

I asked, “What am I not doing that I need to do to get rid of that (Utah) girl?” I dreamt that someone had set fire at night to the tall grass in the front yard which was now glowing embers. I raced to wake and tell my mom and dad. I then decided to hose it down while I was waiting for them. Someone (else?) was trying to start another fire. (From yesterday) Pick It Up I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was buying dust/powdered paint in 4 different colors. Two of them were similar color. … Continue reading Start Another Fire

Finished Eating 

(From March 21, 2018) I dreamt that a black guy had one of his arms up next to my left cheek, as if I was hugging it. I was concerned that he would feel the hair on my face, but I didn’t move.  I dreamt that I had finished eating at a food place / restaurant with someone else. Amy then invited us to eat there with her, and some other relatives (?). We agreed, deciding to only have water / minimal food.  (From March 20, 2018 Puffed Up) I dreamt about an older Adam West, and food.  I dreamt … Continue reading Finished Eating 


I was covered by a blanket, my dad was feeling around to see if I was under, and decided to sit without any care. Grandma had decided she wanted to go up to Utah one last time to visit some of the family up there. (She was born in 1912, and I don’t know when the last time was she went.) When I heard this, I was a bit shocked. She had decided she lived long enough, and was going to pass away the next day so the family got together. We went out to a fast food place, I … Continue reading Pass


A lady had recently lost her metaphysical job, and was living off of her savings. I was at her house in the evening time, and she was getting ready to go to bed. It seems I was doing something with her stereo system, and speakers, and I think a young adult son of hers was there as well. I went to the movies, and the movie was a black comedy. I knew this before the movie started. There were black women there. The dream ended before anything showed up on screen. I was somewhere where there were different festivities going … Continue reading Lost