On Vacation

I asked, “When will I win the lottery?” I dreamt that my family was up in the mountains and a lady was saying that the blacks would befriend the new Mexicans that showed up here and take them (Mexicans) under their (blacks) wings, but not in a good way. There was a Hispanic family (wife, husband, somewhat grown daughter) up here in the mountains, from church, who went on vacation. The husband’s brother also went. They ended up drowning, except for the brother. They may have been in their car when it happened. The funeral may have been in the … Continue reading On Vacation

Made It

I dreamt that there was a guy sitting / lounging, and I had to step over him. After I did, I told him that I made it.  I dreamt that I was staying / visiting at Amy’s. I couldn’t remember which bedroom, at the end of the hall, that I was using. I went to the one on the right. Amy was lying naked on the bed, which was in the back left corner. She had a blanket, or something, covering the top of her, draping down to the floor. She was touching / playing with herself. She saw me, … Continue reading Made It


I asked, “How do I find a way out?” I dreamt that I was in the beginning (within 4 months) of being pregnant and some liquids / fluids were coming / leaking out of me, which was normal (for pregnant women), and a little bit of green diarrhea. I was grossed out by it and was (almost) crying.  I dreamt that I was pregnant (same duration) in Bible times (area, Rome? felt like it) at night, but I was wearing modern clothes.  There was a diagonal opening, between two walls (?), to the left (like on the freeway). The one … Continue reading Pregnancy

No One Wants Me

(From Dec. 2014) I was in the top of a 14 story building. Don’t recall if it was for working, or living. I was worried to be there because what could happen if there was an earthquake? The building was swaying left to right, and no one was bothered by it, nothing moving around. As it kept swaying, small at first, then gradually bigger, the top would bend down until it finally almost touched the ground, like a slinky. At that point, I jumped out, also worried in case the building would suddenly stop, and break. (From Nov. 20, 2014) … Continue reading No One Wants Me

Feel the Empty Space

(Night before I asked why I was called “The Mother”) A guy was cozying up with me, talking with me. I realized that I hadn’t brushed my teeth yet, but didn’t worry too much about it since he didn’t seem to notice / be affected by it. Someone, Ali ?, mentioned that I hadn’t brushed my teeth, so I told him that I had been chewing (minty) gum. My top left tooth, next to my “fang”, came out. I was looking behind it, where there was some of my gums (normal, supposed to be there), to figure out why it … Continue reading Feel the Empty Space

Long, Narrow Homes

(Night before, asked when I had been in the same situation) I’m riding in a small bus, with others from work, going down a street, and seeing a couple long, narrow homes (think of at the beach) with their fronts off. I’m able to see straight through because there is construction going on, and they are lit up. (Couple years ago, Ali and I went through a beach house in Newport, Ca that was for sale.) Michael (from where I used to work) wrote on the floor of the bus, wanting us to say hello to someone. Three cats, separately … Continue reading Long, Narrow Homes

Self – Esteem

(From Dec. 12, 2013) I was to stay somewhere, for how long?, and brought some of my electronic equipment. A Mexican woman immediately took them, without asking, when I came in. Later in the day there was a group of Mexicans sitting around, watching their Spanish shows on t.v. using my equipment. My equipment died, and I wanted to explain that it dies a lot, but no one was bothered by it, and even weren’t paying attention so I didn’t say anything. When the equipment came back on, a “white” program was on , and at one point showed a … Continue reading Self – Esteem

Seat of My Pants

(From Nov. 25, 2013) I’m waiting for Christmas lights, that are wrapped around a Christmas tree, to do something. I wake up nauseated, because of the dream, or just because? I am on a journey, and I believe there are some people with me. I stop to use a restroom. School girls are using a restroom, and making sure everyone flushes the toilets, and washes their hands. I have a realization that when these girls use the restroom individually, they don’t care as much. I am in the same restroom. I check the stalls to see which I could use. … Continue reading Seat of My Pants

Come Inside

I was told that a certain guy would be perfect for me. When I first saw him, I saw his back, with him walking away from me, and being whiny with his mom. I went over to him, and asked him questions to help him understand hers, and his character. He started to calm down. This guy turns into a small dragon animal. (Small somewhat like the picture of a “baby” dragon on someone’s fingers, but a bit bigger than that.) He starts biting my right pointer finger, and I ask him why he is he doing that when I … Continue reading Come Inside