Show Up

(From yesterday) I dreamt that I was telling Amy and Judy about that girl showing up last night and that in addition to what she usually does, I felt warmth next to my left ear. She also started doing something with my brain to make it start to heat up. (From Oct.6, 2019)) Lost I dreamt that I was in a conference room type space with a stage in front of me to the right. Drew Scott had come from work, holding his baby that he picked up on the way. He was standing at the stage looking at something. … Continue reading Show Up


I asked, “Do I need to have children from Ali?” I dreamt that Briana had taken a picture while on the road of some small pillars (?) with what looked like an outline of a dog’s face on them. The picture was blurry from rain but clear enough to see what it was. I dreamt that I was at the bottom of a ladder in a submarine (?). I was asking if I could come up. I was told I could. Someone with me said, “Be careful. They don’t let just anyone up” as if I might not be able … Continue reading Blurry


(From July 4, 2013) I was slowly doing laps in a pool.   (From May 21, 2013) My brain was divided into North and South, and the different sides were at war with each other. (I don’t know how, they just were.) The South side won, and then the two different sides turned into people. There was a guy from the North side on the South side, and there were men from the South side who were not happy he was there. The “leader” of the South side said that it was o.k. because he was there to help remodel … Continue reading Divided