Time To Go

I dreamt of a tall mirrored high rise building. I dreamt of a gated abandoned house/building with several stories. I dreamt that I had pooped a slightly curved tan “brick”, leaving it on top of the toilet. I had some dark remnants on my right leg on the top of my thigh under my belly. It was Micalanne’s turn to clean. She was poking it with a stick and smelling it, not smelling anything, trying to figure out what it was. I put the brick in a hole above the seat the size of the brick and flushed it. I … Continue reading Time To Go


I asked, “Do I need to marry Ali to get rid of that (Utah) girl?” I dreamt that Amy said I’m supposed to drink champagne if I have a split tooth. I dreamt that Drew Barrymore was part of my password for debt removal. I dreamt of wind blowing a small section of grass toward me. It stopped in front of me and was in the shape of a rabbit. He asked me to help him. I asked him how. He said something about 7 fishes (?). He was then directing me where to get them. I dreamt that I … Continue reading Needing


Puppies I slipped into the back of a class, sitting in the back right corner, sitting sideways so that my right side was to the front. The female teacher has this months events up on the board, on the calendar. I remember seeing events for the date of the 17th, and possibly the 28th. I’m sitting in another class. A female student drops something of hers, which ends up 3, or 4 chairs behind me. I reach my right arm back to grab it. It’s perfectly normal to be able to do this. As I’m reaching back, I’m thinking that … Continue reading Calendar


(From Nov. 29, 2013) I had walked up to Raymond Burr, wearing a dark suit, standing in a lit side room that was up in front of another big room (conference size?), as he was in the middle of something (talking to someone? facing to the right), holding / having something in his hands, and asked him how he got started with Perry Mason. He started to answer, and I wanted to write it down. During this, as he was talking, in my mind, I knew he had passed away, and yet here he was. Because of concentrating on this … Continue reading Exposed