Who Are You?

(From Jan. 31, 2014) I was in an apartment by a window, with open vertical white blinds, looking outside. I was looking down, and saw a woman sitting on a (iron?) bench below. She was wearing shades. She smiled, she moved. Did she see me? I hear music playing. I walked over to where it was and looked down to see what the song was. It was an old-time player. An 8-track? I then went into the bedroom where everything there was white. We had money, so we had a small hallway of closets leading to the bathroom. I am … Continue reading Who Are You?

Come Back

Steve went dirt diving in a spot another guy with us had said was a good spot since he was using a device that senses “treasures” underground. I didn’t see any holes where Steve went down. When he came back up, and was about 1/2 foot – 1 foot from the surface he lost his breath. I got anxious, and told this other guy we needed to start digging him out. The first hole I made I saw the bottom of a shampoo bottle in his hand that looked like a Pantene bottle. After opening the hole up I kept … Continue reading Come Back

Don’t Come Around

There was a big room, much like where an indoor community pool would be, and it was my job to clean the restroom stalls (which were there in that same room). In the past I had only swept the floors (it’s a wonder I hadn’t been fired), but this time I noticed a bunch of dust, and perhaps some cobwebs mixed in, on the stall walls, so I used a broom to sweep it down. There were other people there with me, perhaps waiting for me to finish my job? I was in the backyard with a group of females, … Continue reading Don’t Come Around