Growing Up

I asked the question, “What is that (Utah) girl’s kryptonite?” I dreamt that a girl (Ariana Grande?) had sung a song about growing up. The picture had a Pokemon ball hanging. I dreamt that work was over and I wanted to take a shower before leaving. I was naked and trying to hurry to open my locker before the guys showed up. The first number I could remember was 97 but the locks don’t go that high so I was frantically trying to remember the combination. I heard some people so I used to yellow washcloths that I had to … Continue reading Growing Up


I asked, “Who kissed me?” I saw a dark demon face with a bunch of shark like teeth. I dreamt that I gave one of my mom’s water bottles, to drink from, to a dirty (homeless?) guy because I knew that she had another bottle and wouldn’t want to drink from the same bottle as the homeless guy. I dreamt that I was up in the mountains, with other people, for a car race / event. I was driving a new red corvette, trying to get the hang of it without speeding too much. A lot of the roads were … Continue reading Demon

Time Is Up

I was running through an open field, about the length of a football field, but a bit wider. There was a certain section Ali didn’t want me to go through. I was walking, with hands on hips, swaying them back and forth. Someone, a guy?, playfully pointed out how I was walking, and that my hands were on my hips. For a second I considered walking normal, but went with it, and kept walking how I was. Ali and I were somewhere where a lady was reading a small portion of a classic. (Kinda seems it may have been a … Continue reading Time Is Up