On Vacation

I asked, “When will I win the lottery?” I dreamt that my family was up in the mountains and a lady was saying that the blacks would befriend the new Mexicans that showed up here and take them (Mexicans) under their (blacks) wings, but not in a good way. There was a Hispanic family (wife, husband, somewhat grown daughter) up here in the mountains, from church, who went on vacation. The husband’s brother also went. They ended up drowning, except for the brother. They may have been in their car when it happened. The funeral may have been in the … Continue reading On Vacation

Give More Heat

I asked, “What do I do with the limes?” I saw a black family coming through a door to visit one of the females. The door opened to the right with the female standing at the end. One of the guys stopped in front of her and kissed her face, having fun. His hair was about to the nape of his neck and was twisted / spiraled / curled. I dreamt that I was with someone and we were finding coins outside by a grate. I mostly was finding pennies but occasionally found dimes. One of the coins I found … Continue reading Give More Heat

Getting Ready

I asked the same question. As I was falling asleep, I saw Stephanie & AJ (Married at First Sight) inside a house. She was on the first floor looking up at a square hole in the ceiling. AJ was above looking down. He was saying, “This is mommy’s room.” Seems the room may have been pink, or some in it. There was a downward slanted wall next to / above the hole. I dreamt that a lady was moving in to a new house and was going through one of the clear storage containers of her things. There were lots … Continue reading Getting Ready

Still Learning

I asked the same question. All I remember is of some young Asians commenting on my last post. One of them was a female. She used a word that didn’t belong because she was still learning the language. (From Sept. 5, 2018 Episodes) I asked about the voices. I dreamt that me and my mom were going to England to get some papers signed by royalty and then directly coming back. I was thinking of the things that I would see, and also that I won’t be able to see much.  I dreamt of a tv show that was set … Continue reading Still Learning

Bounce right back up

(From Jan. 30, 2015) Seems like the 1800’s, Little House on the Prairie / Anne of Green Gables, style. A young girl (10?) is outside of a house, with a table vertical to the house, on the right. A boy has walked away, and (she runs after) (From Feb. 12, 2015) A man (Eric Pepin?) is in the house, sitting on the floor. He is showing us that / how he can pull up a person’s name on the SmartTV. He brings up a head shot of an autistic girl, whose name is Cass, with another female beside her. Cass … Continue reading Bounce right back up


I was on a board, naked / nude, floating, controlling where I was going, without a care in the world. I flew over Travis, bent down to pick something up(?), and realizing I was showing my butt to him, I shook it a couple of times. I thought to myself he probably wishes that he was with me as a couple. (Actually, he did ask me out in jr. high, but I didn’t think he was serious.) I had to stop and come down after a while because of what was happening to some birds. I had gotten my second … Continue reading Free

Self – Esteem

(From Dec. 12, 2013) I was to stay somewhere, for how long?, and brought some of my electronic equipment. A Mexican woman immediately took them, without asking, when I came in. Later in the day there was a group of Mexicans sitting around, watching their Spanish shows on t.v. using my equipment. My equipment died, and I wanted to explain that it dies a lot, but no one was bothered by it, and even weren’t paying attention so I didn’t say anything. When the equipment came back on, a “white” program was on , and at one point showed a … Continue reading Self – Esteem