I asked, “What is the meaning of lottery?” I dreamt that a black guy showed up suddenly who was a relative of mine. He had two young sons. I either only saw one of their faces, or neither of them. I’m not sure if his wife was Hispanic or something else. As I was passing them, a lady brought them to my attention but I didn’t have time to talk. I was carrying a white dress with small flowers, towards the right. The wife was holding some pajamas that looked similar but had something else than flowers. (From Aug. 23, … Continue reading Sudden

Turn Into Dust

I didn’t ask a question last night. I dreamt that Ali would make people’s (sleeping) dreams turn into dust. (That’s what the Utah girl does to mine.) I dreamt that I was standing out past right field of a baseball field. There were other people as well. I was thinking that if the ball hit my glasses I could get some new ones. Shortly after thinking this, a ball did hit the bottom of my right lens, breaking and shattering it. Amy cleaned it up. I didn’t move. I dreamt that a short silver horse trailer was standing on the … Continue reading Turn Into Dust

Don’t Come Around

There was a big room, much like where an indoor community pool would be, and it was my job to clean the restroom stalls (which were there in that same room). In the past I had only swept the floors (it’s a wonder I hadn’t been fired), but this time I noticed a bunch of dust, and perhaps some cobwebs mixed in, on the stall walls, so I used a broom to sweep it down. There were other people there with me, perhaps waiting for me to finish my job? I was in the backyard with a group of females, … Continue reading Don’t Come Around

Filled In

The neighbor on the left had taken out the pool, and filled it in. Later in the dream, he had taken the dirt back out, and I saw the hole was about half the size of his pool, in a circle shape, looking like half of a vintage metal spinning top. There was a building with different activities going on in the different sections. In one section, the different rooms were showing pornos. (Utah girl?) There was a baby (1 year?) lying on some cushions wanting to sleep, but kept moving around, and couldn’t get comfortable. There was a short … Continue reading Filled In

We’re Closed

I’m inside, at the front door, with it open, but with a closed screen, filming butterflies outside. (1 yr. old?) Baby with wet diaper doesn’t want (his?) wet diaper changed, but I say, that yes, it needs to be changed. (54th day?) I went on a tour of a wealthy submarine. I didn’t see it, but just knew I had. Ali kept getting calls from Africa, but he would talk in English, while we were at different stores. At one of the stores, while I was waiting for him, we were in a sort of waiting room, I saw a … Continue reading We’re Closed