Not Waking

I asked, ” What is the meaning?” I dreamt of Amy Allen (Dead Files show) sleeping with her husband, on the right side of the bed (when looking down). I got up during the night, going across the hall for something but it was too dark so I went back. I did this twice, making some noise on the way back the second time, not waking them up. (I think I was the one who got up.) I dreamt that a young blonde couple were turning left behind another vehicle. They said that the car in front (wagon?) looked like … Continue reading Not Waking

Flow Energy

I asked, “How do I block unwelcome entities from entering the house?’ I dreamt that it was Halloween. Inside the house was bright white. The sun hadn’t gone down yet. Greg was in his room doing something with his music with his door closed. It was dinner time. I noticed that his place setting was at a different table so I asked why. Mom said that his could be brought over with the others. We had a white rabbit hopping around a flat Easter bunny that was on the floor, ending up facing away from me toward the dinner table … Continue reading Flow Energy


I asked, “Is time travel physical or spiritually?” I dreamt something about living as a spirit. it was at the beginning of doing so and I was questioning it, like when at your first day at work and taken on a tour of what is involved / how things work. I dreamt that a lady was telling me to get an answer key. It would be locked, but it would have all the answers that I needed. I didn’t ask her to clarify about the lock, and wanted to ask her if she was going to get it because I … Continue reading Wedding


I asked the same question. I dreamt that I had gotten married to a guy from online that I had only known a short time. He lived in Utah (wasn’t excited about that) in an apartment / condo. He had some money because his family owned a farm, which he quit shortly before we had gotten married, and now worked for a blinds company.  The first several days I slept on the couch. I had wondered about him feeling the hairs on my face. He would walk past me in the morning, while I was sleeping, getting ready for work. … Continue reading Married 

Big Rolls

(Didn’t get up to write the first one when I awoke, so…) Lorelei, and kittens. I wanted to make sure the kittens didn’t get out. Page of different pictures of “roly poly” fat people (people with big rolls). Candles on a table Lady, without car, was driven to unlock something, then left. She was then given a car. Ali, and I, were looking for something, and were at apartments / condos(?). There were some underground, or below the top ones (like when built on a hill). I went to the bottom ones, Ali staying up top, ending up in one of … Continue reading Big Rolls

Every Time I Turn Around

I am speeding on a somewhat uphill freeway, with 4 / 5 lanes, with no buildings bordering, and am about to pass through a hill. I am in the second lane, with no one in front. There is a yellow(?) delivery truck up ahead in the third lane. The first lane has a row of vehicles, trucks “sprinkled” in. Every once in a while, cars from the first lane move over into mine. As I drive past the vehicles in the first lane, some are about to move until seeing me, whereas others, I’m not sure what they’re doing since … Continue reading Every Time I Turn Around