I asked, “Why am I black?” I dreamt that mom had gone to a medical facility to have a procedure done. I asked one of the workers about the paperwork. They hadn’t looked at it yet. (From yesterday) Woman I asked the same question. I dreamt that on a Friday Amy timidly said that she was going to dinner. I said ok. When she got back I realized that she had gone to the dinner that had been set up by Judy and Sara (?) for mom. I had forgotten about it because Amy didn’t say where she was going. … Continue reading Worker


I asked, ” Do I need to marry Ali to get rid of that (Utah) girl?” I dreamt that I was with Amy, Judy, and Steve. Amy and Judy were in front of me with Amy on the left of Judy. Amy kept pinching the bottom of Judy’s left breast. I don’t remember why. Irritated, Judy told her to stop. We were then at the top of a curved covered slide. Judy was at the entrance. I don’t remember what I did but Judy slid to the bottom and then accused me of pushing her. It was then my turn. … Continue reading Go

No Worry

(Night before I asked what my life purpose is) I was at a grassy hill, where the end had been “cut” off, attempting to pull myself up. I was grabbing spots to hold onto so I could get up. Finding a spot, I placed my palms down, and slowly, gently, pulled myself up using my arms. As I did so, I was noticing my muscles in my arms. I also felt someone from behind giving me a slight push to help me up. Also, as I was raising myself, I let out a loud noise, somewhat like a pregnant woman … Continue reading No Worry