I asked, “Do I need a shungite or obsidian cross to get rid of that (Utah) girl?” I dreamt that I was having sex with Ali’s (?) spirit. I dreamt that a guy named Clint van Czeyk had a b&w cartoon on Vimeo. It was showing something dripping from the back of a man’s head. I dreamt of people watching a sport. There was a group of blondes. There was a big guy speaking to me/tv with a German accent. I dreamt of a recipe and one of the ingredients was lumphes. (From yesterday) Play I asked the same question. … Continue reading Recipe

New Follower

I asked, “Am I supposed to stop thinking about entities, or pregnancy?” The thought, “You have a new follower” came to mind. I dreamt that I was watching David and Hilary Farr (HGTV Love It or List It) riding up a mountain, coming around a corner from the right. I was facing them. They were using a motorcycle with a sidecar. David was on the motorcycle. As they were turning the corner, the motorcycle broke off with David staying at the corner while Hilary kept going. She didn’t realize it until she was about 50 yards (?) away. I think … Continue reading New Follower

First Distraction

I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was listening to one of Briana’s CD’s. She showed up but didn’t say anything. She wanted me to bring her yellow VW bug, that was out in the open, close to the house in the enclosure / behind the gates / fence. I dreamt that there was a guy, and his friend / assistant were doing an experiment on a new couple. The couple were sitting at a table and the guy noticed a girl walking past. The first two guys excitedly proclaimed, “First Distraction.”  (From Feb 1, 2018 Go Home) … Continue reading First Distraction

Talk With Me For A Bit

Last night I asked again what the date is. I dreamt that I was picking up my costume jewelry (and hair stuff?) that was on the floor. A guy who comes to Starbucks, who also goes to the gym but doesn’t work out, only talking to the people there, bends down next to me on my right side, holding up my hair, eventually putting it in a clip. I’m uncomfortable with him and am trying to telepathically send a message to Ali. He doesn’t show up but Mando does. I no longer noticed the other guy.  Mando is wearing a … Continue reading Talk With Me For A Bit

Waiting For Me

I’m thinking that I have written a previous dream about black hills. Ali is sitting on the left side of a bench in the chapel at church. Judy is sitting on the bench in front of him, and Micalanne is sitting on the bench behind. I don’t notice any other people. Travis has become LDS, and is wearing a nice looking, somewhat expensive, grey, bit shiny, suit. He is going to wait for me when church gets out. Judy, and Micalanne, are in their cars, in the parking lot, parked by each other. Judy is parked in back, facing the … Continue reading Waiting For Me


I had a German Shepherd, and the police were in the neighborhood looking for us. I don’t know why, but was nervous about them finding us. Amy had brought home a Whippet, and was coming out of the house to go somewhere with it. The head was somewhat prominent being shown to me. I was thinking, “Why doesn’t she take the Shepherd?” A young(late teens, early 20’s), thin, pretty girl, with blonde hair, was showing me how to do something, and with an attitude. There were a couple of other people there as well. I said to her, “Deep down, … Continue reading Whippet

Contest Is Over

WWII….Germany….Hitler….Present Day….German word (don’t know if an actual word). I’m in a spacious white retail store. Inventory is minimum, but will be restocking over the weekend. A female worker takes me over to some (about 5?) large pastel(?) dresses that are hanging from the ceiling. She shows me one in front. In the back of the store, inventory is also down to a minimum, but is also getting restocked over the weekend (of course). The store had been having a contest, handing out ?, but was now over. There are two left over, up on the wall “in” their own … Continue reading Contest Is Over


German soldiers marching down to a valley of a hill on the right, and coming back up on the left. Several kennels in someone’s backyard. They each have a handful of black cats. There are some black cats outside, but stick around the kennels. To the left of these kennels are newly born kittens, old enough to have eyes open, that have been separated from their mothers (which are in the kennels). I’m astounded at this and mention it to whoever I’m with. Continue reading March


I was at Deseret Industries, and saw a lady who I had just been with (where?), and her mom. I playfully said to her, “I know you” even though I had only known her for a short time. (For me, it takes a while before I act this way with others.) I then went upstairs to look around, and coming down the stairs, there was a lady (Asian?) who did not want to come up because thet were steep. (Imagine an escalator with the top pushed forward a bit, and the bottom pushed back a bit. There were walls on … Continue reading Steep