Make A Structure

I dreamt that I was watching a preview of a movie about a boy who visits his girlfriend from another country (Asian?). The sun is setting. She is wearing a black bustier. He pulls the top down from her left breast to suck on it. This is her first time being sexual with him. I see a jolt of energy/electricity go through her. They are then sitting outside next to each other on a different day. There is a small space between them with her on the right. She is holding some of the letters she received from him. She … Continue reading Make A Structure

The End

I asked, “When is the date?” I dreamt that there was a window in my bedroom to the basement below. I saw a guy, who had set up an office, standing and talking on the phone. He was facing my direction. I yelled at him to leave and then called out to my dad. I dreamt that I was watching a show as if I was there. There was a group of people at the end of a long strip of narrow road (on a bridge?). Some of them were lined up going across the road to block whoever they … Continue reading The End


(From Nov. 19, 2014) Ali, and I, were going to go somewhere, but he wanted to stop at a corner house in the neighborhood where loud music is played (isn’t one). I don’t know how, but they killed him. When he got to the hospital, a guy who used to be his student, was there, and because of the respect this guy had for Ali, he was telling, straightaway, the others what to do / get. I was feeling down because of this, and was somewhere where I saw Kyle, and he was going to get married to someone else. … Continue reading Killed


Greg’s body had become weak, and I think it had something to do with the electrics in his body. A woman asked me a question dealing with an aspect of spirituality, and asked how my body felt, and I said it was neutral. She was taken aback from this. She then sat down, and let her husband take over. I heard someone say they couldn’t find any past lives, and I said it was because there isn’t any. Continue reading Electrical

History (His Story)

I was in a classroom in the back left seat. Seems I was just visiting, and not a student. A girl came in to take a history test. She looked at it, didn’t know the answers, crumpled the papers, threw them away, and walked away / out. The teacher (male) was disappointed she didn’t know history. I was thinking that I didn’t remember much of history, though I had already taken it, and passed. I had a fitted light green sheet over me, and the teacher stretched it out up to the girl in the front seat of the row, … Continue reading History (His Story)