I asked, ” Why was the whale inside the dead fish?” I dreamt that mom & me slept in front of a burial wall/wall burial and with a blanket and were now getting up. (I think that’s what happened.) I dreamt that I was on a bus with (some of) the family. I don’t know/remember where we were going. We were in the mountains. I was in the back looking to the left, and then the back, as we were passing a train museum. Greg was next to me. The building had a long row of windows in front showing … Continue reading Burial

Accepted It

I dreamt that there was a pile of dead people on top of the only survivor, who was looking out. I dreamt that the orange and white cat was back (he passed Dec. 23) and at first it threw me off but then I accepted it. (From Oct. 24, 2019) Playing I saw a young Mexican couple with their two young children, boy & girl, who were playing. I dreamt of an insect, bigger than a bee, flying around. There were some of those windows that are in strips, that look similar to blinds, that were open in front of … Continue reading Accepted It

Boy In Water

I dreamt that a guy killed himself but it was a good thing. There was something about a boy in water. There was a term used and the definition was told to me but I don’t remember them. I dreamt that I was sitting in a circle with Kyle and others. We were having a good time. I think Kyle brought me here to see. (From Nov. 4, 2019) Found I dreamt that I was in a smoke filled room with someone frantically trying to get a door open to get out. I dreamt that the orange cat had either … Continue reading Boy In Water


I dreamt that I was in / among some grove trees that were lined up/in a bunch. I was thinking about murderers who had been here in the past. I then got an uneasy feeling of danger. I then saw two men, one older one a bit younger, happily crossing several yards in front of me from right to left. They didn’t see me/look my direction. I thought the older man looked like a pirate because of the way he styled his hair. The younger may have had a bushy mustache and beard. There were children from the neighborhood outside … Continue reading Pirate

The Lottery

I asked the same question, “What are the answers to the tests that are in the book? ” I dreamt of a train (?) veering off to the right toward water instead of coming in front of me like I had imagined.  I was standing above what looked to be a bunch of thick tree roots. They were in a depressed area of land. I think I was by the ocean. Some of them almost looked like a woman stretched out / lying down on her stomach.  I dreamt that I was at a bank (?). I was with a … Continue reading The Lottery

I’m Not a Mother 

(From March 20, 2015) We had something delivered from a thrift store. Along with it was a blue baby shoe. It had the company’s tag, along with a white tag with 13 on it.  I wanted to go back to the store to find the other one. (Why didn’t I return the one I had?) When I got to the store, it was at the church. I wanted to start on the right side (chapel in top middle).  I saw a couple jewelry boxes, and when I opened them, the “diamond” had come off, but still there.  I found a … Continue reading I’m Not a Mother 

Be Still

I was a local singer, who ended up filling up stadiums. One of the songs I sing is titled, “Be still. Call me.” I was stung by a bee, and I took it in stride. A woman, in a red Mercedes SUV, under control, quickly reversed the car to get a parking spot for an outdoor restaurant (or at least they had some tables that were outside). She is parked, and sitting at the table. I’m sensing that snow is involved as she is sitting. In the distance I see a spire of an LDS temple (Salt Lake City?). (From … Continue reading Be Still


Someone was upset(? with me, so I asked, who does that feeling belong to? I had lying on a spider, and when I got up, the spider would bite the head off of ants, and eat only the head. (From April 25, 2013) There was a pink fire engine / truck in a hurry , but going around, a couple times, an “island” that had a pink mansion on it that was for sale, in the middle of a residential street. As they went around, this “island” would turn as well. (From April 21, 2013) A squirrel, on the ground, … Continue reading Island


Something about eating a bite of a hamburger big enough to feed a neighborhood. There were other people there. (From March 28, 2013) A tarantula had crawled up on my right shoulder, and was facing me. I wasn’t too scared, but was worried it might bite me, which it did not. I could feel the weight of the spider on my shoulder. I could also feel another one on my left side, but didn’t look to see. (From March 27, 2013) I was in a white room, looking at a wall, and I saw a door that didn’t have any … Continue reading Weight


A tall, black man brings a baby, buckled in a stroller, with only a head, that could fit in a hand. The eyes were shut, and the mouth was still a bit sealed, as if it was still developing. Two couples were lounging on some grass, behind some rocks, on a beach(?). One of the guys was twirling a lit cigarette between his toes of one of his feet, while he was smoking another one. Ray(?) was sitting at a table drawing up plans for the truss of the addition to the house, using one of those triangular rulers. A … Continue reading Searching