I asked, “Do I need to marry Ali to get rid of that (Utah) girl?” I dreamt that Amy said I’m supposed to drink champagne if I have a split tooth. I dreamt that Drew Barrymore was part of my password for debt removal. I dreamt of wind blowing a small section of grass toward me. It stopped in front of me and was in the shape of a rabbit. He asked me to help him. I asked him how. He said something about 7 fishes (?). He was then directing me where to get them. I dreamt that I … Continue reading Needing

Adding Layers

I asked, “Why does the entity keep entering my body?” I dreamt that workers were fixing up an eave on a house. It had been dark and worn down. They kept adding / repeating the same layers of material, one of them blue, until they were satisfied. I dreamt that mom was wearing a Cary Cooper watch on her right wrist. We were watching an old movie of a high rise nearly being finished being built.  Two men were standing on the top. One of them accidentally pushed something off and instinctively went to grab it. Fortunately, he landed on … Continue reading Adding Layers

It’s Funny Some of the Things They Say About You

Church classrooms are used as apartments during the week. They are all in a row along a back wall. The doors are curtains. My family lives here, and each time I come to visit, they are in a different room. Ben has his own, in the middle. People are in the church kitchen, to make something. Taylor Swift is there, wearing shorts. She is standing in front of me, facing my direction, but not looking at me. She then walks to my left, to do something (wash hands?). I turn, and say to her, “It’s funny, some of the things … Continue reading It’s Funny Some of the Things They Say About You

Getting the Message

A well dressed man, standing behind a piano, “playing”, but not really. He wasn’t using the keys, but a bellows type thing, but not, on the left side (as I look at him from the other end). He is looking at me with a touch of frantic on his face, hoping I would get the message. Man stirring milk and o. j. together. I’m at an airport, sitting in a chair, looking out the window, watching a plane land. After it comes to a stop, someone to my right says to me, “Come on”, so I go. (Ali’s dream) I … Continue reading Getting the Message


I was on a board, naked / nude, floating, controlling where I was going, without a care in the world. I flew over Travis, bent down to pick something up(?), and realizing I was showing my butt to him, I shook it a couple of times. I thought to myself he probably wishes that he was with me as a couple. (Actually, he did ask me out in jr. high, but I didn’t think he was serious.) I had to stop and come down after a while because of what was happening to some birds. I had gotten my second … Continue reading Free

Hold On

(From earlier this year) I was in a room with people and had to hold onto a horn of a unicorn (but a picture of one) in which I was surrounded by black with rainbow like colors. I then saw myself (but not my head) in this same room with these people. (From either end of last year, or early this year) I was in a mansion that was for sale on a landing that looked somewhat similar to this, but there were no carvings on the banister, just the spindles (?). There weren’t any windows, that I noticed, but … Continue reading Hold On