Growing Up

I asked the question, “What is that (Utah) girl’s kryptonite?” I dreamt that a girl (Ariana Grande?) had sung a song about growing up. The picture had a Pokemon ball hanging. I dreamt that work was over and I wanted to take a shower before leaving. I was naked and trying to hurry to open my locker before the guys showed up. The first number I could remember was 97 but the locks don’t go that high so I was frantically trying to remember the combination. I heard some people so I used to yellow washcloths that I had to … Continue reading Growing Up

Don’t Come Around

There was a big room, much like where an indoor community pool would be, and it was my job to clean the restroom stalls (which were there in that same room). In the past I had only swept the floors (it’s a wonder I hadn’t been fired), but this time I noticed a bunch of dust, and perhaps some cobwebs mixed in, on the stall walls, so I used a broom to sweep it down. There were other people there with me, perhaps waiting for me to finish my job? I was in the backyard with a group of females, … Continue reading Don’t Come Around