Turn Into Dust

I didn’t ask a question last night. I dreamt that Ali would make people’s (sleeping) dreams turn into dust. (That’s what the Utah girl does to mine.) I dreamt that I was standing out past right field of a baseball field. There were other people as well. I was thinking that if the ball hit my glasses I could get some new ones. Shortly after thinking this, a ball did hit the bottom of my right lens, breaking and shattering it. Amy cleaned it up. I didn’t move. I dreamt that a short silver horse trailer was standing on the … Continue reading Turn Into Dust

Finished Eating 

(From March 21, 2018) I dreamt that a black guy had one of his arms up next to my left cheek, as if I was hugging it. I was concerned that he would feel the hair on my face, but I didn’t move.  I dreamt that I had finished eating at a food place / restaurant with someone else. Amy then invited us to eat there with her, and some other relatives (?). We agreed, deciding to only have water / minimal food.  (From March 20, 2018 Puffed Up) I dreamt about an older Adam West, and food.  I dreamt … Continue reading Finished Eating 

Loosely filled in

I was sitting somewhere with Briana, but she was close by, deciding not to be my friend any longer because ? There was a hole in the backyard that animals would fall into because it was loosely filled in. A horse had fallen in with its two front legs and head still out, so I grabbed the legs, making sure the horse knew I was there to help, then effortlessly pulled it out. I then looked down at the hole, then got closer to it, to see if I could see anything. I saw that the hole was actually a … Continue reading Loosely filled in