Time To Go

I dreamt of a tall mirrored high rise building. I dreamt of a gated abandoned house/building with several stories. I dreamt that I had pooped a slightly curved tan “brick”, leaving it on top of the toilet. I had some dark remnants on my right leg on the top of my thigh under my belly. It was Micalanne’s turn to clean. She was poking it with a stick and smelling it, not smelling anything, trying to figure out what it was. I put the brick in a hole above the seat the size of the brick and flushed it. I … Continue reading Time To Go


My cousin Jeanie was saddened by my uncle being gone (He’s been gone for several years). The family went around her to comfort her. Everything started to get dark because a spirit was wanting to show themself to me. I was adamantly saying no. I kept saying no, and was almost shouting, if I wasn’t already, as the environment kept getting darker. Just as the spirit was about to show, they left. There was a beautiful, colorful mansion for sale. Someone said that it was meant for to be a monastery. I thought to myself that if I bought it, … Continue reading Spirit