King of the Mountain / End of the Line

(From June 19, 2015)

Some men were over, fixing the SmartTV so that it’ll stop crashing. There was a black box, from inside, that was out, hanging by the cords. The men explained what they were doing, but don’t remember what they said. One man had a small lightbulb under his left nostril. It wasn’t real, and wasn’t touching him. It was more like it had been drawn there. 

King of the Mountain from Midnight Oil 

(From June 20, 2015)

Flying / going over a mansion in Alaska, that I wouldn’t mind having. There was greenery covering it. It was at the end of a cul – de – sac(?). It was the shape of a rectangle, with the ends coming out. The left side (when facing the front) was facing the street. About 100 feet, roughly, in front of it, there was an elementary school, with the playground, with a bunch of different things to play on (and children?), in front. 

Behind the mansion were several other mansions, facing the same direction, but over to the right (when facing the front). They seemed as if in the backyard of the first. I thought that they were too close, but that I could handle it. 

End of the Line by the Traveling Wilbury’s. 

(From July 2, 2015 First dream where I woke up, and then continued dream when back asleep)

An Arab / Middle Eastern man had scheduled to have every white person in the community / city to be killed. I am in a room with a man, and maybe some family. The man slyly signals to me that I would be ok / saved (because I’m pregnant?). 

The next morning, the people are walking to the area where the killing is to take place. They are walking as if going to an event, knowing where they are going. 

Another man (involved with the killing) in the room leaves , around 7/8 , in the morning still. We then leave. The man then takes me to another white room, where we will be safe. 

I am now in a vehicle, but still in the same room (?), and looking behind me. I see 4 horses, in a trailer, side by side. The first, third, and fourth are facing away from me. The fourth one is facing the same direction because it’s bigger, and is able to fit. 

(From July 3, 2015)

Sioki’s, an Asian music group. (Don’t know of any.) I heard the music, techno(?), while seeing the cd cover. 


I Didn’t See the Fire 

(From Feb. 24, 2015)

Mom, Amy, and I were going to be moving into a new home on Saturday. Mom was telling us that we need to be sure to move during daylight because there are a couple broken windows. 

Careless Whisper chorus from George Michael 

I think I was standing in a white hallway. There was a black guy who had his head between my left hip and wall. I playfully asked him what he was doing. 

I was sitting between two black guys, who both were interested in me. I didn’t have a top over my garments. The guy on my right asked if I know / had met Jesus. I said no, but He knows who I am. 

I told the guys that they look like brothers, after looking at and comparing, their noses. 

I asked the one on the left where his family comes from, meaning Africa. I think he said Iowa. I said, no, your grandparents / great-grandparents. 

(From Feb. 28, 2015)

There are two ladies who are called before calling the firemen. They are at someone’s house, spreading baking powder all over in a girls room, so the fire wouldn’t spread. They also did another room, the parents (?). They were to do only the two rooms, but decided to do the bathrooms as well. I didn’t see the fire. 

The old man neighbor being friendly. For some reason, we live in their home / house, and have for about 4 years. They are about to go somewhere. She, and I, are in the garage, but she is taller. She says something about having my stuff for several years. I ask, curiously, “So how long have you had my stuff?” She then starts looking around in the stuff she has stored against the left wall ( garage door in front). She mentions to me to look for something with circles. The image that comes to mind are the Audi circles. She isn’t finding what she’s looking for, so puts masking tape across the areas where she has looked. 

Ali comes home after work, worn out. 

I Didn’t Want To See 

(From Feb. 15, 2015 Ali’s dream)

Someone, renting from us, who was burning incense. I told them to leave, and told Ali, “I knew we shouldn’t have rented to them.”

(From Feb. 16, 2015)

I had bleeding legs from shaving to hard. 

I was inside a building, with separate rooms, for bands to come and give small concerts. The first room I was in was for KISS. They weren’t out / on stage yet, but everything was set up for them, and there were 4 microphones next to each other. Someone was speaking over the speakers talking about how the group came together. 

I then went into a room with Fall Out Boy. The singer was yelling the lyrics, and was almost laying down, propped up on something with his left arm, facing up. There were 20-somethings there, sitting as if in a living room, comfortable. 

It was known that sex happened among the audience. I didn’t see any happening, but left because I didn’t want to see. I went back to the room with KISS. 

(From Feb. 19, 2015)

Women were coming out of a building, not sure if it was a church, but they were dressed as such. I asked Amy, “Is that it?”, thinking there was more. 

As I was walking along one of the sidewalks, there was a brown pit bull / boxer. Some may have thought he looked scary, but he wasn’t to me. I then saw several black dogs on the other side of him. They were all happy, and doing dog stuff. I pointed out the brown one to Amy. There was also a lady with long brown hair. A Native American?

Amy was then going to drive us home. She was not on the road though, but on top of a craggy hill. She was waiting for a man to move out of a certain place / area so that she could go that way. 

He moved after us waiting several seconds. As we started to descend, I think I asked if she was sure about this, and if she knew what she was doing. We were always pointed down. The last I saw, after going over / past a ledge, the side of the hill went further in, which I think caused the car to start falling, back end starting / coming up and over. 


(From Nov. 19, 2014)

Ali, and I, were going to go somewhere, but he wanted to stop at a corner house in the neighborhood where loud music is played (isn’t one). I don’t know how, but they killed him. When he got to the hospital, a guy who used to be his student, was there, and because of the respect this guy had for Ali, he was telling, straightaway, the others what to do / get.

I was feeling down because of this, and was somewhere where I saw Kyle, and he was going to get married to someone else. I was wondering why he wasn’t / wouldn’t get married to me. If only he was getting married to me.

Dale Bryson (don’t know anyone by this name)

(Ali’s dream)

The Mexican neighbor, and the guy who has been working here, broke into the house. We didn’t see them. They broke through the glass sliding doors, with shattered pieces everywhere. I saw a flashlight that was still on, and knew it was them who did this. Ali got on the phone to the police.

(From Dec. 4, 2014)

The Strangest Secret had a section about black history, which in turn had a section titled, “Who Holds Your Money, Part 1”.

It’s Hard

The word “consciousness” came to mind, then Ali told me that it’s hard.

(From Oct. 12, 2014)

The world was going to explode at a certain time, but it didn’t. Don’t know if because it wasn’t going to, or it wasn’t going to at the exact time, on the dot, that was expected.

Greg, but not, looked like a Russian woman. He had gained about 30 pounds, which wasn’t noticeable from the back, and wearing a black dress with belt. He brought the belt up to his breasts.

He had been asked to say a closing prayer (before the explosion ?). He was standing, moving his arms with expression, and started to talk about, before the prayer, with a Russian accent, a weight loss program he was selling, and would need $300.

(From Oct. 11, 2014)

Woke up with the song, “Happy Ever After”, by Julia Fordham.

(From Oct. 10, 2014)

I’m at a (shoe?) store, and hip hop / r&b is playing. The majority of the customers are black. I go to where the music is coming from (front?), and change it. I turn the dial to see what else is playing, but as I turn it, the music stays the same.

As I change the music, I think to myself that I overrule them (the blacks).

Instead of getting upset with me, most of them go to the / a back room to listen to their music.

Still in the store, I have brought two Skechers catalogs that I had gotten in the mail, and am looking through one of them. A young black female is next to me, and she is telling someone else about a couple of the shoes, so I give her the extra one to look through.

(From Oct. 9, 2014)

I was, but wasn’t, in the movie “Alexander and the…. Very Bad Day”, but the circumstances were different. I’m sitting at a rectangular table, at the end(?), with other people, eating. I then see to my left, that several black women have sat down, on both sides, and the end. I tell them that someone else was sitting there.

(From Oct. 8, 2014 Ali’s dream)

He is jogging along a gravel road. Others are there as well. Small towns are along the way. There is a hill that he needs to jog around to come back.

Waiting For Me

I’m thinking that I have written a previous dream about black hills.

Ali is sitting on the left side of a bench in the chapel at church. Judy is sitting on the bench in front of him, and Micalanne is sitting on the bench behind. I don’t notice any other people.

Travis has become LDS, and is wearing a nice looking, somewhat expensive, grey, bit shiny, suit. He is going to wait for me when church gets out.

Judy, and Micalanne, are in their cars, in the parking lot, parked by each other. Judy is parked in back, facing the exit. The scene is a bit darkened.

Judy has a rusty VW Bug, convertible, and Micalanne has a Fiat(?). The Fiat is dark rust / maroon on the sides, and black / dark on the hood. It looks to have a puffy quilted look to it, like the Quilted Northern toilet paper. I don’t see the back. There are a couple small dents on the front passenger side by the lights / bumper. Bethany(?) is with her, sitting in the back.

Judy has the top down, and music turned up. The twins(?) are with her. She is happily talking to someone, who is standing by the passenger door, before she leaves.

There were girls in line, holding a hard ticket / card, waiting to be accounted for, not having done so earlier, by the man at the table. One of the girls, tired of being in line, notices me.

I was outside, flying over some people, Travis is there, who wanted to have an activity out here, but a body had been buried somewhere in that spot. Holes were being dug up, looking for it. Instead, I started showing them how to fly, starting off by using their legs.

I am going to take mom, Barbie, and grandma to Wal-Mart, but Barbie is driving. I am squished in the back, sitting to the left of grandma.

We drive past a rectangular shaped property. The house, which I don’t see, is on a hill, on the left side. The right side is all dirt. There is a German Shepherd in the upper right corner, watching a squirrel. There are other squirrels throughout the property.

At grandma’s house, she is standing, next to the old tv, complaining about someone eating her ham, which she loves. It is implied that Ben has eaten it. She is healthy, except for her hearing.

Mom gives grandma, who is now sitting, her medicines. We then see that she had slid down her chair a bit. Mom, and Barbie get up, and go to her. When grandma is touched, she wakes. It was worried that perhaps mom had done something wrong when giving the meds.

(Ali’s dream)

It is one o’clock on Tuesday, and he is giving the disabled students their test. He then comes home, and takes a nap, forgetting about the other students taking their test at two o’clock.

I knock on the door (he locks it), and tell him what time it is, and that he needs to give the test to the other students. He was working on getting up, moving his fingers, but his body was dead weight, and couldn’t get up. I keep knocking, and telling him to get up until he actually does jump up, expecting it to be Tuesday, and to see me.

Caved In

Somewhere outside, with other people. I have been told that the hole the bears are hibernating / living in, has caved in. We no longer know where they are. Some people who went searching have died. I think to myself, “Can’t they claw / dig themselves out?”, then realize if they aren’t found, they’ll die.

Had the sliding glass door open, enough to get through. Some cats are outside, scared of an animal down the hill, which I’m not able to see. A couple of cats run inside. I go out, and look to see if I can see this other animal. I think it was a fox.

The tv is on, and showing only one channel, one “program”. There is a bigger flat screen tv to the left on the wall. There is a guy sitting next to me, on my left. I am sitting back, leaning back some almost against him. I have a wet paper towel, legs spread, wiping my vagina.

Arabian men are causing boys to have sex with them.

I see, on the iPod, that “Bang (Here Comes A Supernova) by Frankie Goes to Hollywood is now on Spotify.

Magic Man

I’m clearing off the table after the family has eaten dinner. Greg / Steve is helping.

Judy is sitting, and I start beating on her. Crying with everything I have, I start to lose my breath and energy. Micalanne tells me that she’ll be with me. The family doesn’t understand why I’m doing this, yet I’m not stopped. Each person represents a gem / mineral (silver, diamond, etc) / blog.

“Try to understand, he’s a magic man” sung by Heart

I’m listening to Kerli’s new songs. They’re ugly because she’s degrading herself.

Ali brought his one year old

I show up late, feeling a bit anxious, to running practice. I see a door opening (space) in a wall, and see on the other side, girls lined up, horizontally, in rows, with their backs to me.

Their names, in two’s, are written in each row. A couple of rows, though, as I look, only have one name. I’m wondering where I’ll be placed.

The girls are getting ready to go somewhere, curling the back of their hair. They are behind me, to my left, so that I have to turn to look. One of the girls, a blonde, who has colored her hair, is in the middle of them, and mentioning how she and her boyfriend have been together for forever, but he left her. She is “glamming” up to show him what he’s missing.

I also have curled some of my hair, in the back left.

Pain She Will Feel

(Night before, asked the meaning of the icy water, again)

I was shown different scenes, the porcelain floor tiles (in the expanded room) among them, and was told / had a knowing, that these were the answer. (I had asked again (see bottom of page) because I couldn’t grasp the connection.)

I was at church, and young children, on one side of the building, were vomiting. It wasn’t chunky, or too disgusting, but was smooth and a pea green color. As I was walking around, I saw a girl, at the entrance of the bathroom, vomiting, facing me.

There was only one lady cleaning it up, using (dish?) towels.

The Bishop was wearing flip-flops, and colorful shorts which looked like swim trunks, but were not. He was gliding across the vomit, not touching it, not bothered by it, and having a good time.

Another portion of the church, there was a famous black rapper (don’t know if actual, or just in dream). Don’t know why he was here, or how he got here, but several of his tall friends (he was average height) came to take him away. One was a female. As she was walking away (they came from the left, and went back the same), I noticed her hair. It was big. She had it as though she had used the biggest roller / curler, and then left her hair as is after taking it out. The curls went toward the middle, in the back. She wasn’t haughty, she just didn’t want to be there.

I was still at the church(?), and was sitting in a tall chair against the wall. I was holding a girl baby, supposedly my niece, facing left. To my left was Robert Mailhouse. To his left were two of his friends (man, and woman), a door, then another chair. The wall then angled to the right, and there were two chairs backing that wall. Robert was playing / smiling with the baby, and I was thinking that maybe I was supposed to be with him.

Next thing I knew, they had moved to the other chairs, on the other side of the door, when the people who were sitting there (didn’t see, only knew) had gotten up and left. Robert was sitting in the second chair, facing me, facing me. A little disappointed, I then thought that maybe we’re not supposed to be together.

At church, and not many people (75?) because it being the day of Indy 500. There weren’t any services, but rather music playing through a sound system, and a home theater size tv with a game on. Those who were there were having fun, and partying. I thought it odd. One person had even brought a nice looking dark wood pipe, and vodka(?), which had been set down.

I was a giant, sitting, and watching some adults, in a match size box, playing dodgeball / tag with colorful balls. There were some who were always it, and I was wondering how they could not be, what would they have to do.

Sometime in between these, I was at a pool of a small community. They were having fun with all one can do at a pool. I saw in the water a killer whale swimming among them. They seemed oblivious of it.

I then saw that the whale had gotten the right foot of a young unconscious female (teen?). I was thinking how I had read about this happening before, and wasn’t sure whether to help, or not.

Soon after thinking this, I had had a hold of her top body, her facing me / down. I don’t know if I was attempting to wake her up, or making sure the whale didn’t take her down. The whale made any moves of wanting to take her down, and didn’t seem to mean her any purposeful harm. He was softly nibbling on her foot.

I yell for help, and even wave my (right?) to get someone’s attention, but none was gotten. It was as if this scene wasn’t even there.

I think about the pain this girl is going to be in when she wakes.

The whale lets go, and I expect the foot to be gone. Instead, I see scratches on either dude of her big toe.

(From May 24, 2014)

(Night before, I asked the meaning of the icy water)

I saw the porcelain floor tiles in the newly expanded room.

Don’t Need Two

(Night before, I asked why some people believe in reincarnation.)

Dean Jones, and Ray Walston(?) were always together in crime fighting movies, except the Herbie movies, during their 20 – 30 year acting career.

I was somewhere where there were huge, heavy, decorative dark wood doors. They had vertical overlapping slits, like blinds that are open a little bit. I was thinking how Ellen had previously been here involved with some program.

I was at Ellen’s place, in her white spacious rectangular room. Her girlfriend (on the masculine side) was not there because she knew Ellen was meeting someone. Ellen was slowly taking off different pieces of what she was wearing, and suggesting I do the same, after she had. Although I wasn’t too sure about it, I did anyway. Ellen had gotten down to a slip(?), and I to my garments. Seems my Aunt Barbie may have walked across the room during this. Also, Ellen had turned on some slow listening music during this. After we were down to the basics, I asked her what her girlfriend would think. She then became a bit serious, with a look on her face as if she had been caught, and slightly hung her head.

There was a huge, big buxom statured lady (the kind that instantly comes to mind when someone mentions Russian / German / Swedish women, but not burly like those) standing next to some clear plastic rectangular tubs, which were about chest high. Inside the tubs were St. Patrick’s Day buttons, one of which was with Charlie Brown leaning over slightly, and kissing the right edge of the button. There were a handful I liked, and wanted, that didn’t mention anything about being Irish, so I starting grabbing one of each. This lady leaned a little toward me and suggested I take two (of each). I responded that I didn’t need two.

She then said, standing straight so others, right there, could hear, that there was a plot of land in Ireland reserved for the burial of those who did not “make it” here in America. It was a disgrace to be buried there.

I then pronounced Ireland two different ways, and asked her how she pronounces it. Her voice then got a bit deeper, and she started to elongate the first syllable. (I started waking up, so didn’t get the rest.)

(Ali’s Dream)

There were thousand’s of people out in the open by mountains / rocky, grassy area. Then all of a sudden, a storm appeared with tons of rain, and wind. The earth was having a tremendous earthquake. All of the people were being tumbled, as if in a washer / dryer. Ali then prayed, “God, help us.” The weather calmed down. Only a handful of people survived. I somehow had on a spare of clothing, drying out the others on rocks. I thanked Ali for praying, and mentioned how he usually prays silently (which he does).