Time To Go

I dreamt of a tall mirrored high rise building. I dreamt of a gated abandoned house/building with several stories. I dreamt that I had pooped a slightly curved tan “brick”, leaving it on top of the toilet. I had some dark remnants on my right leg on the top of my thigh under my belly. It was Micalanne’s turn to clean. She was poking it with a stick and smelling it, not smelling anything, trying to figure out what it was. I put the brick in a hole above the seat the size of the brick and flushed it. I … Continue reading Time To Go

Boy In Water

I dreamt that a guy killed himself but it was a good thing. There was something about a boy in water. There was a term used and the definition was told to me but I don’t remember them. I dreamt that I was sitting in a circle with Kyle and others. We were having a good time. I think Kyle brought me here to see. (From Nov. 4, 2019) Found I dreamt that I was in a smoke filled room with someone frantically trying to get a door open to get out. I dreamt that the orange cat had either … Continue reading Boy In Water

Oh, Yeah?

(Night before, asked what was so wrong) Steve is about to become gay. He even started an escort type service while /when on his mission. His wife, Natalie?, had given him bj’s before his mission. I am at a school. The buildings are white, two-story. Travis is also there, in the same “class” as I. (Students were able to walk around.) Before class(?), I had seen, through a (window) opening, a giant outside, who was here with his friend. He was as tall as a three-story building, wearing a white, and orange (?), horizontal striped polo shirt, the white stripes … Continue reading Oh, Yeah?