We Don’t Have 

(From June 1, 2015)

I was at the top of a stadium, where the offices are, in a blonde performer guy’s room / office, which wasn’t small. There were some church members, from my teenage years, who were there as well. Rillene(sp?) said that they come every year. I’m doing / cleaning some dishes, because I want to. The performer is standing next to me, on my left, and asks what I’m going to do with my life. I tell him, “Nothing “, then think to myself, “because Ali (who is sitting in a chair up against a wall behind us) takes care of me “, though I didn’t finish the sentence. I was wearing a skirt, and he had his hand on my right butt cheek. I sheepishly pushed it down because of Ali. He was looking down at something, so I don’t know if he saw. 

(From June 2, 2015)

The neighborhood cats all were coming / came over, on the left side of the house. The “momma” grey cat even came back (she went missing a day or two prior). She had with her our young b&w kitten (black with white face). As I was waking up, I realized that we don’t have a b&w kitten. 

(From June 3, 2015)

Woke up with song “Young Manhood” by (The) Wild Swans 

(From June 14, 2015)

I have small breasts, and even though I’m wearing a shirt / covered up, I squeeze them, expecting something to come out, but nothing does. 

(Ali’s dream)

We are hiking up colored / painted steps (purple, etc.). There is a decorated wall up at the top. I do the Rocky stance, arms up, and people are taking pictures. I was about to leave when one guy says for me to wait because he hasn’t gotten a picture yet. I wait for him, doing the stance again so he can get a picture. Others also came around again to get one also.  


What Is, Is

My top left tooth, next to my “fang”, came out. I was initially worried about someone (Ali?) seeing me this way, assuming this was the start of losing my teeth from getting older, but soon shrugged it off, thinking, what is, is.

(From Nov. 14, 2014 Ali’s dream)

He opened the door, to go out to do something. I told him to close it, because people steal. I kept after him to be more aware of security. He said he was only going to be a couple of minutes.

When he got back, most of his things were gone. I kept reminding him of what I had told him.

We walked for about a mile when we found his things in a corner bush. We took it all back home, then I told him to bring his guitar to Universal Studios with us.

We had been there for a while, half a day(?), when he wanted to go back home. I wanted to stay, and was telling him that I could drive in the dark.

(From Nov. 13, 2014)

A man was standing on a platform / plank, overseeing a big pond / small lake, that was a bit milky looking. He was pointing to it, and telling others, with him, that this is where the power comes from (for the city / town).

(From Nov. 12, 2014)

I went to Wal-Mart to look for something (don’t remember what), but they didn’t have it. There was a tall black man there with two young sons / boys. Wal-Mart was built so that each department had its own section, like Victoria’s Secret, and the sections were diagonal, going from left to right.

(From Nov. 11, 2014)

I had white, edible worms, mixed with mud / dirt, stuck to my right hand / palm, holding them for Briana. After a while, I couldn’t handle them on me anymore, so I scraped them off, telling her that I did

I was walking with a young Steve (9 / 10?). We crossed a street as a red luxury sports car was waiting to turn right (his). After we crossed, I realized that he was taking us back to our old home we lived in during the 80’s. I told him that mom didn’t live there anymore. He got upset as I turned him around, and I may even have had to pick him up so we could go in a different direction.

(From Nov. 10, 2014)

Watching the Simpsons with a child(?), and realizing that it’s a rerun of the last episode, so I mention it.

I’m about to cut my hair, raising the middle part above my head, but decided against it because it would have been to short for Ali. Seems I may have had a thick pink line going across my hair, about the area above my ears.

Someone is showing us the positions of everyone from the recently / previously ended war, using planes and such.

Ali asks if he should buy the “peacock” house (because the people who lived there had one). Thinking that I would, I told him that it was up to him.

(From Nov. 9, 2014)

I’m at a bus station. Amy, and Micalanne, are there also. Mic came separately. I think Amy and I came together. We’re going to our parents house, at least I think Mic is going also. I didn’t ask.

Everyone has to lay out their things first, upon arrival. I did, and after I pack it all back up, wish I hadn’t, as I keep looking over everything still out, making sure I got all my stuff back.

I don’t buy a ticket, deciding to wait for the bus to arrive. It does, and people get on, including Amy. Before going to buy the ticket, I ask a man (driver / worker) if there’s a seat left / any room. He says out loud, for everyone to hear, that it’s full (but uses a different word). Upon hearing this, I become worried that I don’t / won’t have money for a ticket, but then remembered that mom had given me $60.

I’m wondering when the next bus leaves, and so ask Mic when she’s going. She says her bus doesn’t get there until 2 a.m. I incredulously repeat the time.

(From Nov. 8, 2014)

I was at a store, and returned the ends of a loaf of bread, in the bag, for a refund. I was surprised that they gave me the full amount, and not just the amount for the ends.

Ali is outside, sitting on something, about waist-high. He is 6’4″, and built. Not too much, but enough to notice.

Briana was at a friend’s house for Christmas, with her daughters, but not husband. The friends had two trees in the same room, near each other, at an angle. This room was huge. As I was watching the girls have fun, I was thinking that at least they had room to move.

Briana was attempting to take pictures of the trees, with her daughters in the, but there was a ray / glare of sun shining through in front of the trees, so she couldn’t get a good picture.

There was a man on the phone, wanting to talk to the youngest daughter, people saying that it’s her dad, but she wouldn’t talk. The man on the phone is a tall man, with some extra weight. Her dad isn’t so tall, and is thin (last I knew).

No Late Fees

(Last night, and night before, I asked how I can permanently stop menstruating)

Turning into evening. At grandma Fessler’s house, outside. Seems I am in a car, with a couple other people. We see her Waterford(?) crystal vases. She doesn’t want us to see them, but I tell her that we have seen them lots of times. She gets angry, swearing.

There is a pond out back. A couple of guys walk through, wearing waders. There may have been thrushes. There is a rusted swing set frame in the back of the pond that they are walking to. There are tons of gnats as they walk, getting in their face and lips. The gnats are less at the swing set frame.

To their right, when looking to the back, is Ben, standing, looking forward, being “taught” by a neighbor. There may have been a wall there, a couple of feet in front of him. The neighbor was sitting next to him on his right.

There are many ways to be connected. One way to die.

Grandma has pictures of the bottom of a gate / lock that is down by some water.

No late fees.

(From Sept. 17, 2014)

Before going to sleep, I see a person / child without fingers, or toes. I then see that the eyes are shut closed. I then figure that it’s a fetus.

Bombay wheels

(From Sept. 16, 2014)

(Night before I asked for the meaning of the barbed wire fence dream. )

We create our own pain.

I’m in a car with family, driving along a street from my teenage years. Seems there was snow. I see light blue tube lights hanging from the lampposts. Some are up high, and some are down lower.

(From Sept. 15, 2014)

I’m in a mall(?), and see a young woman wearing what looks like a white lace head covering. At first, I thought it was a hijab, but as I got closer, I realized it was her own covering.

(In the past, I have seen a picture of a horse with the middle of the body cropped out.) I see this horse going from left to right, with a child on top. Surprised, I think to myself that this animal is real.

Then along came a man, and woman, “skooching” along some fringy/ fluffy ottomans. The last one was pink.

I saw some palm plants for sale. Each one was colored royal / indigo blue, black, and white. I wanted the blue and black leaves. I went in to the Asian store, and told them what I wanted. I then see that they a pair of blue glasses have been brought out. I didn’t say anything.

I put them on to get them fitted. They are $.45, so I put a quarter and some nickels on the counter.

The person helping me then goes to help someone else, to my right. I tell myself that if a pair of black glasses are brought out, then I would speak up that I wanted the plants.

While I am waiting for the glasses to be brought back out, I go outside and I see lots of people from different ethnicities.

A young boy is by me, speaking with a Russian(?) accent. My dad is sitting nearby, perturbed that this boy wasn’t speaking proper English. I mention that I thought he said he needed help with his hands.

Big Rolls

(Didn’t get up to write the first one when I awoke, so…)

Lorelei, and kittens. I wanted to make sure the kittens didn’t get out.

Page of different pictures of “roly poly” fat people (people with big rolls).

Candles on a table

Lady, without car, was driven to unlock something, then left. She was then given a car.

Ali, and I, were looking for something, and were at apartments / condos(?). There were some underground, or below the top ones (like when built on a hill). I went to the bottom ones, Ali staying up top, ending up in one of them. I saw two jacuzzi’s, side by side, shaped like a domino, in the front room. A woman was in each, facing front, where there was a large screen tv. I said, “Oh”, expecting there to be a path that passed in front of them, and there not being one. I told them I was expecting to see that. The neighboring residence was empty.

Man with glasses


(From June 18, 2014)


Young black girl, with separated braids, sitting with a white polygamist family. Something about incest with this family.


In the morning, they go from one room, into another, for Christmas presents, and because of the positioning of the doors, wondering how they did this.

Didn’t See

(Night before asked the same question as previous because I wasn’t sure I had an answer)

I was buying something, and the female cashier handed back to me my picture id (DL?), asking for another. I wanted to ask why the one I gave her wasn’t ok but didn’t. Looking in my wallet purse, I saw tons of different cards, organized in slots, but didn’t see one with a picture / that would work.

At someone’s house with a gathering of people. Travis is there, dresses nice, just having gotten out from being locked up. We talked a little, he being somewhat distracted at times from others (children?) around.

I had a bottle of perfume I was holding (shaped like a candy pumpkin, but not as round). Somehow the lid came off and spilled about a third of it. I kinda sheepishly mentioned to Travis that this is why I wasn’t able to smell it, but others could, and a lady came over to smell it.

There was a small news crew, who arrived, to interview a tough female who also had recently just been let out from being locked up. The reporter was female. They were sitting in front of a green screen, the girl to the reporter’s right. The girl’s chin kept protruding out, somewhat like Pinocchio, but not as long, and would curl up at the end. It only came out when she would feel a certain way, and she would be able to push it back in. I had seen her chin protruding, then flat at another time. I then saw her pushing her chin back in, and I thought to myself, “aha! I knew it!”

I had brought a basketball with me, which I think Travis had been playing with. He left, so I asked where it was. Someone told me it was in one of the bathroom’s, so I went and checked. The inside of the house was in a circle, so I went around, not finding it. There were stairs to upstairs, with a door, but didn’t go up.

Stuck in Quicksand

On a bus with three rows of seats. The middle row is three, or four, seats wide. Amy is driving. The doors open, and water crashes through the opening.

There is a dirt path with chain link (?) fences on either side. The path is wide enough for two cars. I have parked some type of car somewhere along the path, going in opposite direction of another car that was parked. There were some cops who passed by, not worried about this, until one came, and gave me a ticket. I told him about the others who let me be, and that Larry (ex boss who is passed, in dream not remembering his last name), had even been through (he being a high-profile person).


Driving / riding (on same bus?) through downtown San Bernardino, and mentioning that the street we were on was dangerous.

(This gets interesting, and will do my best.)

A huge sphere, about two – story height, lands in someone’s house (a friend, boyfriend?). Where it lands, looks like a New York loft. It lands close to the windows. There is a line going around the middle, and is situated diagonally so that the higher side is on the left. Coming out of this line are electric blue energy streaks, with a slight wave / squiggle to them, hitting the floor.

I was with some people, and said I was going to go there because the owner had wanted to go back there to save his place (?).

I found myself standing in an elevator, with the doors stuck open, on the ground floor in this house, on the other side of this sphere, away from the windows. I could see the blue lines coming out of the sphere. I decided I had better step out if the elevator in case the doors were to close, and I not being able to get out.

There was a horse outside in the back, seen through the windows. It’s rear, to middle, was stuck in quicksand. One of the invaders (somewhat like Zorg?from Toy Story), from that sphere, standing behind, sent a blue mist / fog energy towards the horse to get it out. This being did so so that the horse could take it around town. I didn’t see, but had a knowing, that the horse had only walked around this house, and so that’s what it did.

A lady smoker had ended up in this house , somehow, across from the elevator. Another one of these beings, a female, had a cigarette, and slowly moved it toward the smoker, mesmerizing her, at her mouth level. This being was exchanging energy between the two, cigarette not reaching the lady’s mouth. There was again the blue mist / fog surrounding (just the cigarette, or the smoker’s body?).

All of a sudden, this lady went through the walls, to her right (she had been facing the windows), leaving outlines of her body. There was a long stretch that she went through.

I was with Greg, and other people, waiting out these intruders(?). I had a book I was looking through, coffee table size, with more width, and saw a picture of a person, in black, with a creature, having the same electric blue in /on it, resting on this persons head. I took the book over to show him.

Sometime during this, Greg and I were passionately kissing.

(From May 18, 2014 Ali’s Dream)

He was out in the garage working out, sitting on a workout bench. There were people with him, some of which were my family. I came out, dressed with blue sweats, red top with cut sleeves (like Rocky), and a red bandana around my head. I started giving orders, telling them to stop sitting around, and start walking. I was walking in circles as I was saying this. I then went inside the house, and came back out, and continued. Ali was wanting to hold me down, but decided against it. I told him that he also needs to walk. I mentioned something about not being able to do this / lose weight when old, so do it now.

(My 234th post)

Don’t Burn Without Looking

(Night before, asked if we leave our bodies while dreaming)

I was up in the air, in a plane ?, looking down at the earth, and was told not to burn a piece / plot without looking at the whole plot. The land I was looking at was 4, or 5, plot squares, next to each other in a vertical line. The “burning” was at the bottom plot. (I thought of Ali’s dream, below, either while dreaming, or after waking up after dreaming this.)

There was an Asian couple at a restaurant, always there, but never eating, sitting at one of the small square tables. He always had a hand-held dictionary to read, while she was doing something else. At one point, he got up to do something, and I grabbed the dictionary. He saw me when he came back, and calmly asked me what I was doing. I responded that I was just looking at it, setting it back down.

In Relief Society, it was announced that my parents had invited everyone to come eat (after church). At the house, no one showed up.

My mom asked if it had been announced, and she was told that, yes it was, but had been sort of in passing. (As if it had been remembered right before starting, and was half-rushed.)

My mom suggested we might as well eat since the time had passed to start. There was a rectangular table with a tablecloth. The food, covered, along with the dishes, and drinks are, was on the left side of the table. I sat at the right end, being able to see out the open front door.

I saw a big white van (the kind used for evil deeds 🙂 ) driving toward the house. I announced that Bro. and Sis. Walker were here. He carried with him, holding the top, an empty oxygen tank, tall like a helium tank. I told him he would need a license to use that, and that my mom could fill it up.

Back at church, same day ? different day ?, there were several girls talking all about a certain guy who was in the same Sunday school class. I didn’t think he was gorgeous, like they thought, but he was ok. He was in his late 20’s / early 30’s.

There was a section of the cultural hall that had been set aside for resting. I laid down to sleep, but ended up only for a short time.

I walked around a bit, topless, crossing my arms. I was thinking that this guy would see the couple of little moles I had on my back.

(I think I asked him how long he had been / lived here.) He told me had been here for 10 years, off and on.

He asked me how old I was, and I asked him what he thought, but before he could answer, he was pulled away. When he got back, I told him, 42, or soon to be (in a month?, but it’s actually in 4 days).

He wanted me to go to the Bishop’s office with him. I was barefoot, my mom had my shoes. He wanted to ask me to marry him, which I was not aware of.

(From May 12, 2014 Night before, asked if we leave our bodies while sleeping)

Different pictures shown in both color, and b&w. Seems I liked both forms.

(From May 11, 2014 Ali’s dream)

He had been invited to help some agricultural people with the laying out, and seeding (seed codes) of some plots of land. He was the only one who knew the information.

He started to go through a couple of miles of bushes, and thorns, on greenish, narrow paths on hilly land. I was warning him not to go that direction, but he kept going.

He then saw bunches of copies / clones of evil-looking warrior type people. They started chasing him, he no longer saw me, because they didn’t want anyone to help with the planting of those plots of land. He was able to elude them through the bushes.

He finally made it, and when he showed up, he saw the people talking to me, thinking I had the information. I then pointed to Ali, saying he was the one with the information.

He gave the people the seed codes, measured, then we all started planting. I was conversing with these people, Ali barely saying anything.

She Concedes

1x.com photos being rearranged.

Watching a tv show that Steve, and Bryce were in, but only a couple of episodes.

(The rest is basically scenes from the show.)

The community is small. I am shown houses with spaces between them, in wooded areas, and then the main town.

The people are gathered at a ship / sub yard, but none are there. I see under the water (as if a pool) what looks like a time card holder, and the slats / slits are not solid sheets of metal, but chained “eye hook” pieces (something like that). This day, the girls are to choose the men they are to marry (similar concept as Sadie Hawkins) by standing where that guy / man’s ship / boat / sub is. There is a group of young girls, along with a guy, in a circle hugging each other because they know that their lives will most likely separate from each other, and go their own way. Two of the girls are after the same guy, one of which looks a bit older. One girl resembles Geena Davis.

It’s time to take their places, and the girl who looks older, gets the spot first. She now looks young. The other girl concedes, thinking / knowing the first girl looks a perfect fit for the guy, and walks away.

One of the girls was wanting Bryce, but becomes disappointed / confused / questioning when she notices he doesn’t have a space. Someone tells her that his parents have retired, and moved to California (he grew up here). She becomes relieved, and light-hearted, thinking it would be fun to move out there. She then becomes a little playful towards the other guys.

A couple are in a van / bus. They are driving along the bottom of a hill. He is the one driving, but not paying attention because he is holding her. They clip a huge military vehicle, causing it to tumble down the hill, past a pond, and catching fire.

There are people on the other side of the hill, seeing the fire light up the setting sky, run to the top of the hill. There isn’t much they can do, so they camp out, and watch.

A small group of women are at a community center, at the end of the pool. A young lady is there, Krystal Finial (?), whose mother, and mother – in – law, are there. She starts to leave. A man comes through a door on the left side of the pool, holding an envelope in the air, and questioningly says, “I have a letter from Krystal”, not knowing these people. Her mother walks over to him, knowing about the letter, and what’s inside, says, “Yes, there’s a Krystal here.”

A woman is sitting on the floor, somewhat mechanically bending the legs up of a baby. There is blood from doing it for so long. There is a lamb nearby. (I didn’t want to remember this one.)

Noticing the Patterns

(Night before, I asked who the channelers are channeling)

Before falling asleep, a man said, “My name’s Men”, wiggled / popped his head off, then started crazily dancing, such as the fire things in Labyrinth.

I was (in a plane?) seeing how beautiful the country / land of Somalia was, and noticing the patterns in the fields. I was thinking about Ali, and I wished he could see this, how it had changed from his childhood.

I wanted to take some pictures with the iPod, but didn’t want the people to see what technology I had, for fear they may have taken it away. I did see the right side of a rainbow, visible enough to see it was there, and somehow got some pictures of it.

I was in a classroom of a school there, checking it out?, noticing how clean, and well-kept it was. It had not been destroyed yet, as schools usually are. There were several schoolchildren there. There were several buildings, painted white, such as a college / university.

As I was editing the rainbow pictures, bombs started dropping on the school. I was having a harder / slower time of getting away.

That’s Disgusting!

(Night before asked if Enoch (Bible) is Metatron. I heard someone suggest this possibility.)

Before falling asleep, I saw a man throwing a football.

There was an audience sitting on stadium seating watching a black father (tall, skinny, wiry some, 60 – 70), and his son (also tall, some weight somewhat like a football player, only saw from back). There were two barbecues to the audiences left, one a commercial grade(?), and a smaller on to the right (when looking at them from front). There were hamburgers on both, though not sure if any other meat was on the bigger one. As I walked past the big one, I noticed some on the top were burned a bit.

I had walked past both, and turned around to face everyone. I saw the father take his chin, and traced around the edge of one of the burgers on the smaller barbecue to show how tough he is. I thought to myself, “How disgusting / gross that was.”

Back at the father’s house (he was successful from selling the burgers), there were lots of family around, no children. All they did was party, drink, and do drugs.

I was somewhere where there were men of a Mexican family sitting on what was like seating found in a sauna. All around them were magazines of skimpily clad women. I climbed up to a space up on the right. I was disgusted at seeing these. (Why did I stay?) They said something to me(?), and I responded(?).

I was in the country(?) where there was white dirt(?). A man was on a horse, with a cow behind, chasing after something to my left, toward a tree area. Not sure what he held in hand, and don’t think he got what he was after. After he stopped, the cow was down on the ground.

I walked toward an area where was a swing set, without the swings. On the ground I saw two bundles of money under some rocks, knowing they had been left by a man who had been a helper but had left. I called the man who was on the horse to come over. He came over, and picked them up.