On Vacation

I asked, “When will I win the lottery?” I dreamt that my family was up in the mountains and a lady was saying that the blacks would befriend the new Mexicans that showed up here and take them (Mexicans) under their (blacks) wings, but not in a good way. There was a Hispanic family (wife, husband, somewhat grown daughter) up here in the mountains, from church, who went on vacation. The husband’s brother also went. They ended up drowning, except for the brother. They may have been in their car when it happened. The funeral may have been in the … Continue reading On Vacation


I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was at some type of (amusement) park, without the roller coasters. There was a wood stick hut that needed a corner to be fixed. I was one of the workers assigned to fix it. When I got up to it, I noticed that it was being held up by / with rebar. It was then lunch time, and the manager / owner suggested that I take a break and eat, even though I wouldn’t be working there until Monday (I’m guessing that this was on a Friday). As I was standing … Continue reading Sausage

Make Peace

I asked, “What does the whale mean?” I dreamt that Drew Scott was with the family and they started fighting. I stepped in to make peace / help them calm down. I dreamt that an older couple were were touring a house to buy and the man didn’t understand why / was irritated that the agent brought them to this one when it needed fixing up and he didn’t want to do any. (From May 7, 2018 Darkness Inside) I dreamt that I was in a spaceship (? Whatever the U.S.S. Enterprise from Star Trek is called). One at a … Continue reading Make Peace


(From Sept. 9, 2014 Ali’s dream) We were lying in bed, snuggling, and comforting each other. (From Sept. 10, 2014) I was driving, on hill, on a Sunday. A car was coming in my direction, on the other side. Nervously, I was thinking that there could be a possibility of hitting that car. I was driving / walking around a corner (clockwise) of a block, having greenery around it. As I got to the “6 o’clock” spot, looking in front of me, toward “12 o’clock”, looking from the middle to front, I see the Titanic going down. The front is … Continue reading Nevermind

Still Needs To Be Paid For

Something about living by a tree, not in a house, and needing to use the bathroom. I was seeing another tree, looking like a Dragon Blood tree, a bit to my left(?), and forward a little. I was sure there was a toilet by / under it, but all I could see was a car parked a length in front of it. (The rest of these are all in the evening / dark) Kyle was inside a dumpster, scavenging. His clothes were filthy. I was standing away from him a bit, and was disgusted by him doing that. I was … Continue reading Still Needs To Be Paid For


A lady, standing with arms spread open, says to me, “You’re an Inuit, not a part of this all”, wanting me to understand. There was a divided plate, with food, in front of me. Group of girls in a membership club. The first two meetings, though, were flexible. The second meeting, they went to a small rectangular pool, somewhat shaped like the sand part for the broad jump, and were there to learn how to fall in. I don’t know if I participated. As the girls were walking away, after this, one of them was cold, and another was telling … Continue reading Inuit


I stopped at a small store off the highway, asking three older men directions. (I believe it had been snowing, and possibly there was a storm, and I had stopped during the middle of the storm. I am not quite positively sure on this, but this is what I am sensing.) I am holding a piece of paper with an amateurly drawn map of the area on it. The road I want is partially off the paper, up top. The men are showing me that even though on paper the distance may look long, it reality it is only a … Continue reading Directions


I was told that the Christmas tree was a symbol for birth. (Do you see a connection between the two?) I was inside in a two story house looking outside down at the driveway. There are two people, man and woman, who drove luxury cars, down there. They walk around the house for a reason, but not sure why. The man starts to leave first, but as he starts to back up, a car comes up behind him. A woman gets out of the passenger side (her husband is the driver), and starts taking pictures of the car. She gets … Continue reading New