Going To Be The One

I asked, “Why was that (Utah) girl allowed inside my body?” I dreamt that me and a guy went early morning to a warehouse (?). We were outside. There was another couple there who were young. I don’t remember what they were there for but they were picking it up using a wheelbarrow to put it in an old tv size box with a trash liner inside. I don’t remember what we were getting. People started showing up as time passed. A lady manager told us that we needed to go to the other side of the lot that was … Continue reading Going To Be The One

Being Worked On

I asked, “Am I supposed to marry Ali?” I dreamt that mom was in charge of fixing a house for a girl who had bought it. The girl stayed in half of the house while the other half was being worked on. There were black spots throughout. Mom painted white over them instead of checking if they were rotten. I told her, “I wouldn’t have done that!” I dreamt of writing down that dream (?). (From yesterday) Able I asked the same question. I dreamt that I was telling someone, “No way!” I dreamt of something that was being made, … Continue reading Being Worked On

New Here

I dreamt that I was in a shop, with other women, at the bottom of a Hilton hotel. I saw some (different shades of) blue necklaces hanging on a horizontal pole, maybe a foot above me. They were about navel length. I then went to other places, to look around. I mentioned to a male worker there that I was new there. I then went back to the necklaces so that I could try one on. They were gone. I walked to other places, looking for them, but not finding them. I dreamt of a Mexican man, with tattoos. Again, … Continue reading New Here

On Top

(From Aug. 3, 2018) I dreamt that I was on top of a train, out in the open, riding it home. We passed by a pole on the left. I don’t remember the significance of it. I wasn’t scared, but I wasn’t totally comfortable, maybe something to do with the pole? I then saw other people on top. I was at the end and the train started folding on / in itself.  Pussy is ruler of fairy goddess of magic. I dreamt that Elvis was giving away one of his guitars and whoever could guess how much he paid for … Continue reading On Top

White tea

(From Sept. 16, 2018) I dreamt that I was at a coffee shop (Starbucks?). Although I still had half, I asked if there was more white tea (I don’t drink). There was a shortish buzzed girl at the drive thru window who I asked but she was busy. There was a girl a couple feet behind her waiting for instructions to make a drink. I asked her while she was waiting. She looked confused and didn’t know what to do. An older lady then showed up (boss of manager?) and so I asked her and she got me some. I … Continue reading White tea

So Close

Back door is open, in the evening, and there’s a chance a man may come through and murder. The area by the door is dark. There are two people who were going to stay, but have found another place instead. Keeping the animals by the door for protection / sacrifice for us. The word Somalia. Cathy(from church), and I, are at a conference(?) in Dallas. It is over for the day. I find out that Cathy has turned gay, and her partner is Esther (ex-coworker). They haven’t seen each other for a while, and so they go back to the … Continue reading So Close

Contest Is Over

WWII….Germany….Hitler….Present Day….German word (don’t know if an actual word). I’m in a spacious white retail store. Inventory is minimum, but will be restocking over the weekend. A female worker takes me over to some (about 5?) large pastel(?) dresses that are hanging from the ceiling. She shows me one in front. In the back of the store, inventory is also down to a minimum, but is also getting restocked over the weekend (of course). The store had been having a contest, handing out ?, but was now over. There are two left over, up on the wall “in” their own … Continue reading Contest Is Over

It’s free

Mom was asleep in a certain part of a house. There was a small tidal wave going up and over in that room. Someone mentioned that she was in there, and we hurried to get her out. After getting her out, the water cleared. (This is the best I know how to describe this.) At a park with a group of people. Mark is there. There are some bronze statues of people, connected to a pole beneath them, in the middle of different actions. One of the statues was of a person whose name was a variation of the word … Continue reading It’s free


Dad was driving a rust colored (Scooby – Doo) van down a steep, curvy street, picking up speed. He kept going until finally he came to a cross street, crossed, and hit a pole, or tree. The police came to check it out, and my dad started to slyly drive away, but didn’t get far. He was taken to the hospital, and in the check – up room, me, my oldest brother Mark, and my mom were there with him. The doctor was looking at a book, and reading what sexual things my dad likes, which he did not, and … Continue reading Crash


I was walking home in the dark (I had waited too long to get started) on a busy street. I had with me a pole with a chunk of concrete at the end (as if I had pulled the pole out). I was walking in front of K-Mart. I then saw a tall, skinny, crazy guy walking in the street (no one seemed to be bothered by him), upset at some thing / one. As I was walking, there was another woman who was coming from the street, and got ahead of me. She seemed to be several years older … Continue reading Leslie