Gone Home

I asked, “Who is the father of those adult children?” I dreamt that someone had a seed catalog/library. I dreamt of someone with/having bipolar. I dreamt of a couple researching places to go to redo their wedding photos. I dreamt of being at work. I was driving one of the heavy machinery with the bucket in front. I was having trouble with it, almost hitting two cats as I was turning right. One of the guys was asking something about working still. I, or someone else, said, “Of course. It’s only 3 o’clock”. I was then in someone’s backyard (?) … Continue reading Gone Home

Give More Heat

I asked, “What do I do with the limes?” I saw a black family coming through a door to visit one of the females. The door opened to the right with the female standing at the end. One of the guys stopped in front of her and kissed her face, having fun. His hair was about to the nape of his neck and was twisted / spiraled / curled. I dreamt that I was with someone and we were finding coins outside by a grate. I mostly was finding pennies but occasionally found dimes. One of the coins I found … Continue reading Give More Heat


I asked, “Do I need to have children from Ali?” I dreamt that Briana had taken a picture while on the road of some small pillars (?) with what looked like an outline of a dog’s face on them. The picture was blurry from rain but clear enough to see what it was. I dreamt that I was at the bottom of a ladder in a submarine (?). I was asking if I could come up. I was told I could. Someone with me said, “Be careful. They don’t let just anyone up” as if I might not be able … Continue reading Blurry

Hanging On

Lights are (being) turned off in a building, except where I am, because it’s time to leave. I am with a baby, and toddler boy. A mother comes, and takes one of them (don’t remember which), wrapping in a blanket, and holding to her chest as she walks away. I want to say to her, what about the other?, but then think maybe this one doesn’t belong to her. A couple of people come to check on us, and we leave the building together. I’m coming from ?, walking up to my grandma’s house. My hair is in a loose … Continue reading Hanging On

It’s ok

Went to a neighborhood pool (The neighborhood looked like the long, narrow lawn area in front of the obelisk by the Washington capitol monument. The pool would’ve been one of the lawn sections.) with a family. (I think I was the girlfriend of a guy with children.) The pool was clear on top, but a bit murky near the bottom, but it was ok to get in and swim. I swam down to the bottom, and saw the murkiness down there, which scared me a bit, and quickly swam back up. I told the father that everything was ok. I … Continue reading It’s ok