I asked, “Can I go back in my past?” There was something about my knee(s).

I dreamt that me, Amy, my mom and dad (didn’t see them but knew were there) recently moved to a new place. There were some open near empty boxes of cereal lying down, couple of them on the side, on a top shelf. I think one of them was Life. There were some saltine crackers, along with open wrappers / packaging. I was thinking that dad was the one to eat the cereal. I had eaten breakfast and was feeling to eat some crackers with peanut butter, but didn’t.

Back in the bedroom, I was lying across the end of my bed, which was against the right wall. There was a dresser between my bed and Amy’s bed on the left, and a dresser at the end of her bed. She put a garment under her mattress where other dirty laundry was. She said something as she was doing so, but don’t remember.

She then was standing at the end of her bed and said something about that area. I responded, “Like a portal.” She agreed.

She had put a short brown extension cord under, and through, the bottom of the dresser between the beds, saying something about it being there / the placement of it, and about power (?). 

I was holding a water bottle shaped like a jug. Even though I was feeling a bit sick / ill I got up to refill it because there was a bit of cleaning to do in the house. The lid / cap was on the floor at the end of the bed.

As I got up, the front left leg of the silver tabby (neighbor messed with her back claws earlier this year) was “stuck” to the Siamese as she was walking. The tabby was acting as if it hurt a little. She finally got “unstuck” and I picked her up to rub her leg.

(From Aug. 11, 2018 Red Storm)

I saw 4 African guys / men at / in a restaurant (El Pollo Loco?) walking to a table. I was thinking, “If I was to go to Africa,” not finishing the thought. 

I dreamt that I was watching tv (?). I (?) was able to choose what scenario the people were in.

I then am calling out, barely at first, “Heavenly Father, help me so that I can live (my?) life.” I kept repeating this until I was loud enough for Ali to hear me (in the dream).

Zach River band

I dreamt that I was in a chapel, up by / in the stand, on the right of the microphone. Obama was sitting on the Bishop’s right side. He looked intently at me, and sinisterly said, “There’s going to be a red storm.”

The small congregation was black. There may have been one, or two white people / families? There were only about between 50 – 100 people. The people were standing? The words to the song / hymn they were singing were only “blah blah blah.” 

 I dreamt of a young black lady with small children (part of the congregation?) I was telling her that she needs to tell her girl (less than 8?) that she’s mixed because she’s going to find out. I then saw her toddler boy, with shorts, with chubby legs.

I dreamt that I was out in the (church?) parking lot. It was dark / night time. I was standing looking for my car, not finding it. I think I finally saw it but there were big cats there and I would have to pass them but was too scared to.

There were lions. I don’t remember the other ones. The lions weren’t paying attention to me. I only saw one but knew that there were others. The other one was intent on me.

I told myself to stay calm, that these were God’s cats (I think) and also remembering what Anastasia (Ringing Cedars books) said, that they are helpers to us.

This cat walked back and forth in front of me. A couple times I had a finger that would end up in it’s mouth (like when playing with pets), not getting hurt. The cat always stayed ferocious looking but never did anything to harm me.

I dreamt of being on a water ride on an innertube (is that what they’re called?). There were other people there. Judy was there, by herself. We were at the beginning, which was a circular pool that pushed us in circles, going faster each time, before being dropped a steep drop. I decided that I didn’t want to be dropped, and so was able to get to the side to get out. Judy continued on.

I dreamt that I was outside somewhere naked, doing something, bending down. There were others around. I didn’t care enough about them seeing me (as I usually am since the other times I’m usually thinner) to cover up.


Stability of the Building 

(From March 11, 2015)

I am lying next to a man, naked, on a bed. I am on the right side. He slowly starts to roll over to get on top of me. I say no, and immediately get up and dressed. 

I am holding someone’s baby, and need to give it a bath. 

There is a pool of water that is cleaning itself. 

I am in a building, not sure what floor, maybe top?, and I’m thinking it wasn’t made all too well. I’m not sure how long it’ll stand, even though the others have no problem walking around. 

There is a guy who has a cough, like a lingering cough. He wants to go to get it checked out. He has to wait, but he eventually does. I’m thinking that when he goes, he could mention the stability of the building. I don’t say it. 

Deborah (pronounce each syllable, ex coworker) is there. 

I mention to someone that if my hairs ( on my arm) were gone, my arm would look like a white snake. 

(From March 19, 2015)

I’m driving a car, speeding down a hill, brakes not working. I don’t hit anyone, or get in an accident, but others on the road do. 

The road finally evens w, but I’m still speeding. At one point, I can’t see what’s ahead, as if I was continually going around a bend. 

There’s a field that I’m finally able to go to to slow down. 

I Keep Going 

(From Jan. 17, 2015)

I was sleeping in bed. My mom comes next to me, and tells me that it’s time to go to bed. I don’t open my eyes. I want to continue sleeping. She turns off the small fan I have beside me. 

She then wants to show me a newspaper with an article about Oprah, who had brought an older (70’s?) black lady on her show (when she had it), who had taken care of three (at different times) returned vets. Oprah had brought one of them to the show as a surprise. When he started walking out, on the left, audience to his right, she ran over to him to give him a hug. (I was on set, watching.)

Deion Sanders was there, lying on his left side, propped on his elbow, facing facing forward, and to his right. The audience was to his left. He was wearing a tan /creme suit. The audience was chuckling at something, then he said, “No, serious, I’m / It’s not very pretty”, alluding that he had also gone to war, and come back disfigured. I couldn’t see anything different about him. 

(From Jan. 18, 2015)

Kyle was in water, some kind of pool?, and wanted to see if he could touch the bottom. It was a bit dark, but could still see. He wasn’t able to get to the bottom because of his wound on his stomach still healing. I was also in / under the water, and wanted to say something to him, thinking I might be able, as he was coming back up, but I wasn’t able to. 

While still dreaming, I was describing / attempting this dream to someone. 

The family went to visit Judy, who was in the hospital. She was in the right corner room. I didn’t want to go inside, since she isn’t connecting with me at the moment. I turned around, and saw Amy, facing Judy, there, as a patient. I didn’t realize she would be there, so I sat out there, with her, on a couch that was between her and the wall. She was hoping to be able to get out later that day. There were other beds around, with people in them, kinda like the e. r. 

She was watching a movie that had Emma Thompson (?). It was obvious, to me, that this was a recent movie, and not made when she was younger, as she had horizontal lines across her face, not too deep, but enough to notice. 

Emma had something hit her left side of the head, showing a red ribbon falling down the front. She said she was ok, then blood started coming out. Another scene, after time had passed, the blood had suddenly stopped previously, but then started back up again, getting all over the walls / place, which scared her. I told Amy I wasn’t going to watch. 

There was a path / road in between fences (?). I was driving the small white Toyota pickup I used to have (didn’t see), and stopped behind a semi without the trailer. I got out to ask the driver, who was standing outside, if I could make it, because there was a short distance that’s burning from the sun (temperature). He told me that, yes, I could, but that I (end up) keep going (not telling me, but acknowledging that that’s what I (usually) do). I decided to add water anyway so that the engine wouldn’t overheat. I then looked up, and saw the path / road going up a mountain to a castle at the top (like in movies). 

I was talking with someone, at my parents house, with Amy, mom (?), and I think others. We hear my dad punishing Steve, hitting, in another room. I firmly tell my mom to go stop him. We all go there, and I tell my dad, firmly and adamantly, to leave the house. I wasn’t sure I was going to have breath to speak, but I did, and I was surprised. 

Without a border

(From Dec. 23, 2014)

There was a steep concrete ditch without a border to keep anything from falling in. Ali, and I, were walking by it, where there were pebbles all over the ground. He was talking to a couple other women, enjoying being with them, more than me. I lied down, waiting for him to pay attention to me. Eventually he came over.

Kyle, and I, were going to get married, as also another couple. We had to be shipped off to a different state to do so. I don’t remember where the other couple went, but we were to go to Oregon, which was at the bottom of the states, to the left of Texas.

Some of my cousins came down for it. While waiting to be shipped off, I was participating in the different activities taking place. I was in a pool, and Joy showed me a hole on the top side where air / steam / water was coming out, and she told me that it was warm.

(Ali’s dream)

We were at Amy’s, and I told him to come down to mom and dad’s area so that I could give him a bj. He didn’t want to at first because of the family being there. After he finally did come down, my mom called out to me.

(From Dec. 30, 2014 Ali’s dream)

There were two police impersonators here who wanted to handcuff Ali. We were telling them that they can’t do this. Ali asked where their badges were. I said something about having them on video. They left, and we were going to report them. I said that I needed to get one of my shoes.


I was in a small pool (murky water?) with two other girls. A soak went below the surface. I wanted to get it before it did so, but wasn’t able to.

One of the girls undid the tie to my bathing suit /bikini (don’t know which it was), then brought the top down enough to show my breasts. I was worried that she would see my little bit of (blonde) chest hair. She didn’t say anything, and didn’t act as if something was out of the ordinary.

She told me to slap my breasts against the water. I told her that I would not.

I am somewhere where some 20-something’s were talking about bestiality. One guy mentioned an elephant. I was going to speak up against this behavior, but didn’t, possibly because I didn’t know them.

(From Nov. 3, 2014)

As I’m walking in front of the neighbor’s house (to our left), towards Ali’s house, I notice that the house is empty. I think to myself, “Ah, that’s why they haven’t been around.” As I’m back inside the house, I see about 4 ladies from church in the kitchen (side of the house), cleaning the last handful of stuff that’s left.

(From Nov. 2, 2014)

There were zombies in a city. People kept going about their lives / duties, but were on guard. The children still had to go to school. The residents were allowed to kill the zombies when coming across them.

I’m leading an exercise class at a gym. We have on our backs what looks like a weighted jet pack, but without the jets, and extra stuff. The cords /straps were black elastic (?). My pack was pink. I still had some weight, but it wasn’t obvious.

(From Nov. 1, 2014)

There was a rainstorm, then cleared up.

(From Oct. 31, 2014)

Ali came home from work, hot from the weather. It was 87(?) degrees outside. I knew that there was going to be another warm / hot day, but then would cool down.

(From Oct. 30, 2014)

There are round bundles of hay, out in a field. They are lined up, front to back, being varying sizes, large to small. About halfway, they curved to the left. They are frozen over.

I am standing a little ways away, and see a horse sliding down, head to the right, eyes closed, not moving. I was worried it would get hurt.

I was standing at the end as it reached the end. It finally fell to the ground, and was okay.

(From Oct. 29, 2014)

I’m walking in the middle of a quad(?) at a college. I’m carrying a lunch(?) box in my right hand. It is shaped so that the handle is at the left end. It is striped with the rasta colors. I’m thinking that Travis(?) will be impressed when he sees it.

Waiting To Cross Over

I start to have sex with Mark, but then find myself asleep. He lets me be.

I am crouching next to a pool. LeBron James, and someone else (Dwayne Wade?), is in the pool, but they are miniature / fairy size. They are using an inner tube thing to float. It escapes them at one point. LeBron is swimming towards me. I see the inner tube has gone below the water, and is following him, so I tell him. He dives down, a bit to the left of it, then finds it.

I am standing, barefoot, at the elbow of a street, on the street. The outlet is to the right. The cars that pass have to come in a bit, then back out. I see a car, when it comes in, goes in circles as it passes, the male driver having fun. I then see a car across the street waiting to cross over to my side. I don’t see the driver.

As I’m watching, making sure it’s safe to cross where I’m at, a brunette girl shows up on my left. I’m then on the right side of the street, going towards my boyfriend’s (not Ali) house. I am leaning on a heightened / lifted styrofoam white cooler chest thing on wheels, rolling down the street. There is greenery / trees lining on both sides. The girl is jogging, on my right, to keep up. She tells me something about what I, and another girl at work did, and that Caroline is going to fire “you”. I ask if I’m going to be fired, or the girl I work with, and this girl answers, yes.

I’m in the kitchen of my boyfriend’s house. There is a (birthday?) card in the floor with a painting of an orange striped cat with a long skinny neck, sitting, looking at something. It shows the cat from the back. A one month old kitten, also orange stripes, comes to lay on the card to sleep. It keeps moving around, attempting to find a comfortable spot. It isn’t able to find one, so sits, and meows. It is sitting next to the cat in the painting, so I decide to take a picture. As I hold the iPod, my hands are a bit shaky. As I’m looking for a decent shot to take, I see the kitten lit up / spotlighted. I take the picture. Another kitten, month older, tabby, comes over and lays by the orange kitten to calm it down.

(From July 30, 2014)

Doug & Jamie don’t make it. Monet & Vaughn, on the other hand, still have disagreements, but stay together to stick it out. (From this tv show.)

Zac disappears, and no one knows where to, but I have a suspicion that he joined up with a wrong crowd.

There are weird desserts, made with weird ingredients, and my mom wants Amy to taste one for a reason.


A lady, standing with arms spread open, says to me, “You’re an Inuit, not a part of this all”, wanting me to understand. There was a divided plate, with food, in front of me.

Group of girls in a membership club. The first two meetings, though, were flexible.

The second meeting, they went to a small rectangular pool, somewhat shaped like the sand part for the broad jump, and were there to learn how to fall in. I don’t know if I participated.

As the girls were walking away, after this, one of them was cold, and another was telling her why, and what she needs to do to get warm (something about her shirt?).

I didn’t have money to pay for the membership, so I asked one of the leaders if I could still come even though I didn’t have a card. She told me, a bit sternly, “Next time, don’t forget to bring your card”, thinking that I had one, but forgetting to bring it.

Hard to See

(Night before asked, when people think they’re talking / communicating with / to archangels, who are they talking to)

I’m on a ship carrier. There is a pool(?), and I’m waiting for the carrier to sink from the weight of it, even though we’ve been out on the water, and haven’t sunk yet.

I’m sitting in one of those rolling chairs with the open square wood arms, and I barely fit. I’m sitting (to the right) next to a somewhat older guy (5-10 yrs), who I’m with. He is busy on the phone, dressed in a suit, kinda angled away from me, his right arm in front.

There is a tv on, showing either a soap opera, or the actors who play / act in one. I mention to this guy that I sometimes find it hard to see them act as other people once I’ve seen them as a soap opera character. He half-attentively agrees.

I’m about to fall asleep in bed, at night, but wake myself up thinking about the possibility of the carrier sinking, waiting for it to happen, and partly imaging it happening. I also think about carriers carrying heavy tanks on them, and they’re able to stay afloat.

A guy is in an office, his computer parts in boxes, getting them out. He is there for a meeting, a man there with him, and finally gets out his monitor.

(Ali’s Dream)

There are some blacks, and Mexican, guys breaking into the house. Some cops were there also. They were wanting to kill Ali / us. Ali was looking for a place to hide. I was saying that these guys can’t do this.

Pain She Will Feel

(Night before, asked the meaning of the icy water, again)

I was shown different scenes, the porcelain floor tiles (in the expanded room) among them, and was told / had a knowing, that these were the answer. (I had asked again (see bottom of page) because I couldn’t grasp the connection.)

I was at church, and young children, on one side of the building, were vomiting. It wasn’t chunky, or too disgusting, but was smooth and a pea green color. As I was walking around, I saw a girl, at the entrance of the bathroom, vomiting, facing me.

There was only one lady cleaning it up, using (dish?) towels.

The Bishop was wearing flip-flops, and colorful shorts which looked like swim trunks, but were not. He was gliding across the vomit, not touching it, not bothered by it, and having a good time.

Another portion of the church, there was a famous black rapper (don’t know if actual, or just in dream). Don’t know why he was here, or how he got here, but several of his tall friends (he was average height) came to take him away. One was a female. As she was walking away (they came from the left, and went back the same), I noticed her hair. It was big. She had it as though she had used the biggest roller / curler, and then left her hair as is after taking it out. The curls went toward the middle, in the back. She wasn’t haughty, she just didn’t want to be there.

I was still at the church(?), and was sitting in a tall chair against the wall. I was holding a girl baby, supposedly my niece, facing left. To my left was Robert Mailhouse. To his left were two of his friends (man, and woman), a door, then another chair. The wall then angled to the right, and there were two chairs backing that wall. Robert was playing / smiling with the baby, and I was thinking that maybe I was supposed to be with him.

Next thing I knew, they had moved to the other chairs, on the other side of the door, when the people who were sitting there (didn’t see, only knew) had gotten up and left. Robert was sitting in the second chair, facing me, facing me. A little disappointed, I then thought that maybe we’re not supposed to be together.

At church, and not many people (75?) because it being the day of Indy 500. There weren’t any services, but rather music playing through a sound system, and a home theater size tv with a game on. Those who were there were having fun, and partying. I thought it odd. One person had even brought a nice looking dark wood pipe, and vodka(?), which had been set down.

I was a giant, sitting, and watching some adults, in a match size box, playing dodgeball / tag with colorful balls. There were some who were always it, and I was wondering how they could not be, what would they have to do.

Sometime in between these, I was at a pool of a small community. They were having fun with all one can do at a pool. I saw in the water a killer whale swimming among them. They seemed oblivious of it.

I then saw that the whale had gotten the right foot of a young unconscious female (teen?). I was thinking how I had read about this happening before, and wasn’t sure whether to help, or not.

Soon after thinking this, I had had a hold of her top body, her facing me / down. I don’t know if I was attempting to wake her up, or making sure the whale didn’t take her down. The whale made any moves of wanting to take her down, and didn’t seem to mean her any purposeful harm. He was softly nibbling on her foot.

I yell for help, and even wave my (right?) to get someone’s attention, but none was gotten. It was as if this scene wasn’t even there.

I think about the pain this girl is going to be in when she wakes.

The whale lets go, and I expect the foot to be gone. Instead, I see scratches on either dude of her big toe.

(From May 24, 2014)

(Night before, I asked the meaning of the icy water)

I saw the porcelain floor tiles in the newly expanded room.

She Concedes

1x.com photos being rearranged.

Watching a tv show that Steve, and Bryce were in, but only a couple of episodes.

(The rest is basically scenes from the show.)

The community is small. I am shown houses with spaces between them, in wooded areas, and then the main town.

The people are gathered at a ship / sub yard, but none are there. I see under the water (as if a pool) what looks like a time card holder, and the slats / slits are not solid sheets of metal, but chained “eye hook” pieces (something like that). This day, the girls are to choose the men they are to marry (similar concept as Sadie Hawkins) by standing where that guy / man’s ship / boat / sub is. There is a group of young girls, along with a guy, in a circle hugging each other because they know that their lives will most likely separate from each other, and go their own way. Two of the girls are after the same guy, one of which looks a bit older. One girl resembles Geena Davis.

It’s time to take their places, and the girl who looks older, gets the spot first. She now looks young. The other girl concedes, thinking / knowing the first girl looks a perfect fit for the guy, and walks away.

One of the girls was wanting Bryce, but becomes disappointed / confused / questioning when she notices he doesn’t have a space. Someone tells her that his parents have retired, and moved to California (he grew up here). She becomes relieved, and light-hearted, thinking it would be fun to move out there. She then becomes a little playful towards the other guys.

A couple are in a van / bus. They are driving along the bottom of a hill. He is the one driving, but not paying attention because he is holding her. They clip a huge military vehicle, causing it to tumble down the hill, past a pond, and catching fire.

There are people on the other side of the hill, seeing the fire light up the setting sky, run to the top of the hill. There isn’t much they can do, so they camp out, and watch.

A small group of women are at a community center, at the end of the pool. A young lady is there, Krystal Finial (?), whose mother, and mother – in – law, are there. She starts to leave. A man comes through a door on the left side of the pool, holding an envelope in the air, and questioningly says, “I have a letter from Krystal”, not knowing these people. Her mother walks over to him, knowing about the letter, and what’s inside, says, “Yes, there’s a Krystal here.”

A woman is sitting on the floor, somewhat mechanically bending the legs up of a baby. There is blood from doing it for so long. There is a lamb nearby. (I didn’t want to remember this one.)