Flow Energy

I asked, “How do I block unwelcome entities from entering the house?’ I dreamt that it was Halloween. Inside the house was bright white. The sun hadn’t gone down yet. Greg was in his room doing something with his music with his door closed. It was dinner time. I noticed that his place setting was at a different table so I asked why. Mom said that his could be brought over with the others. We had a white rabbit hopping around a flat Easter bunny that was on the floor, ending up facing away from me toward the dinner table … Continue reading Flow Energy


As I lay in bed, I did a mental scan of my body, cleaning out any blockages I felt. Right after doing so, I saw a content country couple, sitting in their rocking chairs, on their porch. The man says to me, “You’re next.” My first thought of this meaning was of me getting the house and land that I have been envisioning. I responded, “I’ll be there.” I was on tumblr, and the last photo I saw was of a horse with a blue border around it. It had something to do with a celebration, or congratulating someone. Continue reading Next

Too small

(Basically an outline of the dreams) I was at camp, getting ready to go home. One of the girls had hidden something (it had openings) that she had brought because if it had been found, it would’ve been taken away. A dog that looks like my sister’s, Snowball (small, white, with curly hair), went across the street to play in the water / ocean. I didn’t know he liked to do this. I thought I would lose him because he wouldn’t come back. He did come back later, and brought a bunch of kittens along with him. I was following … Continue reading Too small

It’s ok

(Night before, I asked if I have a Soulprint) Kenny Rogers was having a Christmas Special. He and Bea Arthur came on stage singing a Christmas duet of a song he had written. I was concentrating more on her. She was wearing a long (mid-calf) black wool(?) coat. She had on black coat and her shoes were black loafers. The loafers had a line of pink on the soles, and a big bow of darker pink. I was noticing how big her feet were because of how tall she is. As she came to the middle of the stage, she … Continue reading It’s ok


A computer program / tool / software, that I hadn’t heard of before, to clean up the look of pictures. I saw a picture with a nature scene, and in front of it on the left side, the back end of a car. This was the “before”. The “after” had the car taken out, showing a path leading up to / through some tall trees. The picture had a bluish colored tint to it, with some “twinkly” / sparkly look to it, like when the sun hits water. The family had gathered, including some Utah family, to go to Lorelei’s (niece) … Continue reading Perception

Let the Music Play

There was a mountain / hill next to the house to the left (when in the backyard). There was a pathway going up and around this. Me, and a couple of others, noticed a bear cub up at the turn of the path. There was a rock on the left of the path that kinda camouflaged the cub. The cub eventually came out, and either I, or someone else, took a picture of it. Then some adult bears came out running down the path going past the house. Some of them were going slow enough that I noticed an orange … Continue reading Let the Music Play


I was hosting a party with / for wealthy people, except I was just the host. They brought the food, and set the tables, which wasn’t that hard to do. One of the men came in a red Ferrari.  Sometime during this, I went out back to the covered porch (the backyard looked like my teenage home, but the porch looked like one here where I’m living), walking the best I could because it was so windy I could hardly move, and saw water streaming out through the spigot, and was in a stream going across the porch, and going … Continue reading Windy