Boy In Water

I dreamt that a guy killed himself but it was a good thing. There was something about a boy in water. There was a term used and the definition was told to me but I don’t remember them. I dreamt that I was sitting in a circle with Kyle and others. We were having a good time. I think Kyle brought me here to see. (From Nov. 4, 2019) Found I dreamt that I was in a smoke filled room with someone frantically trying to get a door open to get out. I dreamt that the orange cat had either … Continue reading Boy In Water


(Night before I asked what the higher self was) Misha, a wise person I saw a square / box with the word love outside of it under the lower right corner Rise above I was doing laundry(?), crouching down, and realized I was naked / nude. I don’t remember if a towel was near me, or in my bedroom. I got up to get it, realizing that Ali was here. I think he saw me as I was walking, but didn’t react. I was at Ellen‘s house for a party. Portia had to work late, so was not there. Two … Continue reading Evidence