I asked, “What do I need to say/do 104 times to get rid of the spirits?” I dreamt that I was at an event with Steve and his blonde wife who was several months pregnant. A lady asked him if he had frenemies and he said yes. I was thinking about how he had gone to the city where he met his wife on his own after college. We were sitting at a round table with other people. A layered dark and rich chocolate cake was served. It was the same as one we had seen in a movie prior. … Continue reading Pregnant


I asked, “How do I win the lottery?” I dreamt that I was at the end of a galley style of cupboards in a kitchen with only enough room for one person. I was getting about 4 Hawaiian rolls out of a clear plastic sandwich bag that were extras from dinner. Judy is next to me, watching, and maybe taking one for herself. Micalanne also possibly could’ve been there. I’m now outside in the front yard at night. There are also a couple people with me. One of them is a boyfriend of one of my friend’s/sister’s. They are are … Continue reading Meet


I asked, “What is the language?” I dreamt that a neighbor was known to take all the limes before I moved in. I was on a top bunk that was next to a window. The neighbor was in his house that was next to the window. The window was to my left, with someone in between. There was someone else, or more, on the bottom bunk. I had the limes up on the bed with me. Someone entered through the door on the right. I didn’t see who it was but felt it was the neighbor. I then felt the … Continue reading Misogynist

Older Woman

I asked, “Do I need to be with Ali?” I dreamt that someone came to me for information. I pointed out an older woman, with white-ish hair, who was sitting at a desk across from me and a little to the left, facing me. I dreamt that I was outside at night. It was raining but I wasn’t getting wet. I was walking (?) up a hill (?) on the right side of the street. There was a fast food restaurant and I saw Sean Connery driving one of those toddler plastic cars with the yellow roof. He was with … Continue reading Older Woman

Nothing There

I asked, “Am I supposed to get a job?” I saw a circular square diamond ring, then I saw Yonny. I dreamt that I was in a public restroom. I don’t know why since I didn’t feel the urge to go. There were two stalls, and I opened the one on the left. There was nothing there / no toilet. A guy then came in, on my right, and the stall doors and divider were gone.  There were some storage things that suddenly appeared on my left. A guy covered one of them and sat down to the right of … Continue reading Nothing There


I asked the same question. I dreamt that I had gotten married to a guy from online that I had only known a short time. He lived in Utah (wasn’t excited about that) in an apartment / condo. He had some money because his family owned a farm, which he quit shortly before we had gotten married, and now worked for a blinds company. The first several days I slept on the couch. I had wondered about him feeling the hairs on my face. He would walk past me in the morning, while I was sleeping, getting ready for work. … Continue reading Married 

One Way 

(From June 3, 2018) I asked why I met Ali. I dreamt something about coming out of a parking lot about to go on the street. There was a median in the middle so you could only go one way. There may have been an opening to go the other way. I contemplated using it, but decided against it. (From June 2, 2018 I Nudged It) I asked the same question. I dreamt something about I was in a room and the right front tooth being loose and I think I nudged it (?) but it came out.  When I … Continue reading One Way 

Wanting My Attention

I’m in a building, in a class(?, don’t see anyone, but had a feeling), and I see half of a gold wedding band in front of me. Later, next day(?), I see two whole, and complete, bands. I have an understanding that I am pregnant. As I’m getting in the car, there is a Dalmatian, and a dachshund, running by me. The Dalmatian wants my attention. I use my hands, directing it boy/girl?, telling it to take the other dog home. The Dalmatian had been here before, with another dog, wanting my attention. At one point, when I was pointing, … Continue reading Wanting My Attention

Lion Chases Deer

My family is in some type of white elevator(?) looking thing, traveling through the atmosphere here, and in space. We are somewhere here on earth where a lion is chasing after a young deer amongst a wooded area. Judy gets out to use a phone booth we see that is in the midst of this. We cajole her to come back in so the lion won’t attack her. The lion doesn’t attack her, and perhaps maybe doesn’t even see her. I’m not sure if she was able to make the call, or not, but she comes back in. The lion … Continue reading Lion Chases Deer

Don’t Talk to Them

The screws in my glasses came out, falling in a vein of water(?, not sure, but keeps coming back to me that they did). I was looking at them, one rolling towards the other to the left, telling myself, “I need to make sure not to lose them.” The screws are put back in, and after putting the glasses back on, they are crooked, leaning more so to the right. I nudge them back over to the left to correct / adjust them. My mom was in a cardboard box the size / shape of a fridge box, taking a … Continue reading Don’t Talk to Them