Show Up

(From yesterday) I dreamt that I was telling Amy and Judy about that girl showing up last night and that in addition to what she usually does, I felt warmth next to my left ear. She also started doing something with my brain to make it start to heat up. (From Oct.6, 2019)) Lost I dreamt that I was in a conference room type space with a stage in front of me to the right. Drew Scott had come from work, holding his baby that he picked up on the way. He was standing at the stage looking at something. … Continue reading Show Up

On Vacation

I asked, “When will I win the lottery?” I dreamt that my family was up in the mountains and a lady was saying that the blacks would befriend the new Mexicans that showed up here and take them (Mexicans) under their (blacks) wings, but not in a good way. There was a Hispanic family (wife, husband, somewhat grown daughter) up here in the mountains, from church, who went on vacation. The husband’s brother also went. They ended up drowning, except for the brother. They may have been in their car when it happened. The funeral may have been in the … Continue reading On Vacation

Light Shining

I asked, “Will Yonny (a guy online) add value to my life?” I dreamt that I was in a house of a killer / scary guy. I positioned a ceiling light to shine on a hallway where he would be coming from. The ceiling needed repairs, and I was thinking that I would fix it up / remodel / change the layout if I owned the house. (From Dec 19, 2017 New Controller) I dreamt about caribou and their antlers. There was a vessel / cup (like a stein, without the lid) made from the antlers, and at / near … Continue reading Light Shining

What Is, Is

My top left tooth, next to my “fang”, came out. I was initially worried about someone (Ali?) seeing me this way, assuming this was the start of losing my teeth from getting older, but soon shrugged it off, thinking, what is, is. (From Nov. 14, 2014 Ali’s dream) He opened the door, to go out to do something. I told him to close it, because people steal. I kept after him to be more aware of security. He said he was only going to be a couple of minutes. When he got back, most of his things were gone. I … Continue reading What Is, Is

Still Needs To Be Paid For

Something about living by a tree, not in a house, and needing to use the bathroom. I was seeing another tree, looking like a Dragon Blood tree, a bit to my left(?), and forward a little. I was sure there was a toilet by / under it, but all I could see was a car parked a length in front of it. (The rest of these are all in the evening / dark) Kyle was inside a dumpster, scavenging. His clothes were filthy. I was standing away from him a bit, and was disgusted by him doing that. I was … Continue reading Still Needs To Be Paid For

She Is Sheltered

(Night before asked, when people are remembering past life memories, who’s memories are they remembering) Mom, Amy, Toluca, and I, are traveling. I am traveling separately, and have Toluca with me. I keep changing vehicles from a small white Toyota pickup (used to have), to a luxury sedan. At one point, I wonder how mom, and Amy are traveling. I realize that when I have the pickup, Toluca is unsheltered from the weather, and when I have the sedan, she is sheltered. Before getting to our destination, I (playfully?) whine, asking if we are there yet. We arrive at a … Continue reading She Is Sheltered


Wilhelm, and a couple other people, were sitting at a table / piano with some music sheets of  some hymns, and about three hymn books that were open. They were singing a hymn that I knew, and knew it would be in the books, so I went over and told them it was listed. I took one book, and looking in the “S” section where it should be, it wasn’t. I thought that odd since I knew it should be there. One of the other books that someone had picked up, the pages were coming away from the binding. There … Continue reading Building

Hanging Around

(These couple were before I actually fell asleep.) I saw a Victorian, or perhaps Middle Ages, bedroom, and thought, I need to pin that. šŸ™‚ I’m on top of a green mountain, wind blowing my hair back. I look behind me, and there are people climbing stairs to where I am. I have a sense I am their leader / guide, waiting for them to see the view. There are also some who are walking to the left (when looking down) of the stairs. A woman with shoulder -length hair is in front. A tall thin man is in front … Continue reading Hanging Around


Across from the bed, there was an opening in the wall to be able to see, and walk to, the back door. The night before, my late husband had left the back door open, for a purpose, there was a particular reason (don’t know what). This night, I noticed the door still open, and thought to myself that he had forgot to close it before he left (died?). The outside light next to the door was on so that I could see the grass, and a tree, or two. I went to close the door so that nothing evil could … Continue reading Opening