Becoming Conscious

A guy, at a party, is standing(?) at a table. He’s having a fun time, but he doesn’t see that one of the other people at the table has drugged his drink. He is next seen at / in a lab. He is strapped down next to someone (on his right) who looks similar to him. Their clothes have been switched. He is starting to become conscious. I’m in a building, at the end of the hallway, and there is a guy to my left, and girl to my right. They are strapped down, blindfolded, and crying out. I continue … Continue reading Becoming Conscious


(Night before, asked if Akashic Records are real) Kyle, and I, are naked on the bed. The door is open, and I see Mark coming toward us. I go over to the closet, and put a shirt in front of me. Mark has brought fast food (Taco Bell?), in bags. He says something while realizing the situation, then leaves. I am at a gathering of people. I am to stand on a “stage”, and told, by a lady in charge, to discuss the 1st, and 2nd ? I didn’t know, hadn’t heard / read / paid attention to, them. I … Continue reading Disappointed

Not a Weight

Before I fell asleep, I saw myself holding up a baby, with a young girl (4, 5) by my left side. Kyle said something about getting me pregnant. I kinda rolled my eyes at him. He then suggested lying on the bed, and kissing. I half heartedly agreed, knowing what that could lead to. Something about the sacrament. I was up by the trays, which were shiny silver / chrome, and filled. There were two others, men?, with me. There was someone else there who saw the filled trays for a different purpose. Something about wings. (Later, during the day, … Continue reading Not a Weight


Wilhelm, and a couple other people, were sitting at a table / piano with some music sheets of  some hymns, and about three hymn books that were open. They were singing a hymn that I knew, and knew it would be in the books, so I went over and told them it was listed. I took one book, and looking in the “S” section where it should be, it wasn’t. I thought that odd since I knew it should be there. One of the other books that someone had picked up, the pages were coming away from the binding. There … Continue reading Building


I was in the backyard of the neighbor wading (about waist deep) in the water. There were wheat colored reeds, and some swans(?). He almost shot at me, not knowing what I was, but came out and saw it was me. He then invited me inside to eat some tamales he had just made. I was at the left corner (when outside looking at the house), attempting to look for a little uphill slope to get me out of the water without him noticing. He told me his wife had been battling cancer (which in waking life I’ve heard is … Continue reading Neighbor