I asked, “Do I need to have children from Ali?” I dreamt that Briana had taken a picture while on the road of some small pillars (?) with what looked like an outline of a dog’s face on them. The picture was blurry from rain but clear enough to see what it was. I dreamt that I was at the bottom of a ladder in a submarine (?). I was asking if I could come up. I was told I could. Someone with me said, “Be careful. They don’t let just anyone up” as if I might not be able … Continue reading Blurry

She Concedes photos being rearranged. Watching a tv show that Steve, and Bryce were in, but only a couple of episodes. (The rest is basically scenes from the show.) The community is small. I am shown houses with spaces between them, in wooded areas, and then the main town. The people are gathered at a ship / sub yard, but none are there. I see under the water (as if a pool) what looks like a time card holder, and the slats / slits are not solid sheets of metal, but chained “eye hook” pieces (something like that). This day, the … Continue reading She Concedes

We’re Closed

I’m inside, at the front door, with it open, but with a closed screen, filming butterflies outside. (1 yr. old?) Baby with wet diaper doesn’t want (his?) wet diaper changed, but I say, that yes, it needs to be changed. (54th day?) I went on a tour of a wealthy submarine. I didn’t see it, but just knew I had. Ali kept getting calls from Africa, but he would talk in English, while we were at different stores. At one of the stores, while I was waiting for him, we were in a sort of waiting room, I saw a … Continue reading We’re Closed