I asked, “Do I need to have children from Ali?” I dreamt that Briana had taken a picture while on the road of some small pillars (?) with what looked like an outline of a dog’s face on them. The picture was blurry from rain but clear enough to see what it was. I dreamt that I was at the bottom of a ladder in a submarine (?). I was asking if I could come up. I was told I could. Someone with me said, “Be careful. They don’t let just anyone up” as if I might not be able … Continue reading Blurry

New Follower

I asked, “Am I supposed to stop thinking about entities, or pregnancy?” The thought, “You have a new follower” came to mind. I dreamt that I was watching David and Hilary Farr (HGTV Love It or List It) riding up a mountain, coming around a corner from the right. I was facing them. They were using a motorcycle with a sidecar. David was on the motorcycle. As they were turning the corner, the motorcycle broke off with David staying at the corner while Hilary kept going. She didn’t realize it until she was about 50 yards (?) away. I think … Continue reading New Follower


A man, with a head bigger than mine (think football player), put his left cheek against my right. I didn’t pull away, neither did he. I could feel his stubble. I figured maybe his was hiding my short hairs. He was touching my face with his hands, and I still didn’t pull away, and neither did he. For some reason, I had a couple of patches up by my hairline. I was putting on a lot of foundation, that had thickened, without using a mirror. My face felt dry, and it felt like the foundation had a cakey feeling to … Continue reading Sweets